Unnaturally Colored Hair Dye Review

I’ve been dying my hair for several years now. I’m no professional but I do well on my own. Been dying my hair since I was 2004 so I have a few years of knowledge just from learning from my own experiences on my hair and on others. I definitely have learned I don’t have the patience to do it as an occupation, but for myself or a friend, hell yeah.
So, I’ve used four different brands of hair dye for unnatural colors over the years. I’m going to do this in order from what I used first and so on. Also, prepare yourself for a ton of old/embarrassing pictures.
Manic Panic - Cream
I was obsessed with this hair dye for years. I swore by it, but in reality compared to others I’ve used now, it’s only okay. It fades fairly fast. Within the first week, a touch up isn’t necessary but the brightness definitely fades depending on how much you wash your hair. After the first two or three washes, the brightness starts fading. From my memory it doesn’t fade drastically but noticeably. Though one of the best things about Manic Panic is that it’s vegetable based so after bleaching your hair, it doesn’t do excessive damage.
They have a very wide range of colors to pick from instead of your basics so you get to choose certain shades which is pretty nice :] You can mix their colors too to make your own shade.
Also, they sell a cream and a gel. I haven’t tried the gel but I heard it works really well.
As for staining skin, I don’t remember it ever doing that. Not for long at least. It definitely washes out easily.
Here’s a couple pictures from the past of my old hair. I was 15-16. Lol.
The first one is Pillarbox Red and the second is Electric Lizard.

Beyond The Zone Color Jamz
Of course I couldn’t help but try this one out next because it was sold right next to Manic Panic in Sally’s Beauty Supply. Even from the first try I wasn’t impressed. The dye didn’t stick to my hair very well. The only time it did was when my hair was freshly bleached but it still bled and faded quickly. It’s not unheard of for some people to say that it works well in their hair but for the majority of what I’ve seen, experienced, read, it’s not that great.
However, for nostalgia’s sake, I can’t help but love it anyways. It’s a cheap and somewhat temporary way to see if you’d like unnatural colored hair. You can use this on light blond clip-in extensions and it’ll work fine since you won’t have to wash them as much.
More old picturesss.
The first one is Rasberry Kamikaze. It was a little darker in person. The picture is really over exposed and in the second picture, the blue was actually Not So Shy Violet. I loved it. It was actually a much stronger, brighter blue than in the picture. Bad camera settings. Haha.

Special Effects
During the first few years of me dying my hair, I heard about Special Effects but never tried it until Hot Topic started selling it in their stores. When I finally tried it, I FELL IN LOVE. This is THE best hair dye I have ever used. It’s vegetable based, smells good, the color is bold and bright and stays that way for a month before it needs a little bit of a touch up but even without touching it up the color stays in bold for months after depending on how much you wash your hair. It does stain so you have to use a bleach cleaner on tile and stuff but it’s no big deal.
I wish they still had it in Hot Topic. That’s pretty much all I went in there for but now I have to order online.
Like Manic Panic, they have a wide variety of colors to choose from.
Pictures below: Iguana Green, Fish Bowl Blue

I’ve also used Nuclear Red and Napalm Orange. They came out so true and beautiful. I’m just not sure which pictures they are. I’ve gone through so many hair styles/colors but there’s a small example of Napalm Orange below.
I’d say this might come between Special Effects and Manic Panic. As in it’s better than Manic Panic, that it stays in longer and bolder, but that it’s not as good as Special Effects because it doesn’t stay in as well and some times doesn’t stick as well.
I used this as a substitute when they stopped selling Special Effects at Hot Topic and I was too lazy to order online, haha. So I’m okay with this but it’ll always feel lower than second to Special Effects and I refuse to use Manic Panic now. But it does it’s job for awhile.
First picture is Fire Red and the orange was left over Special Effects Napalm Orange. The picture is a bit bright but the colors were just as vibrant. So there’s not much difference to this picture versus seeing it in person. It may have been a little darker but still as bright.
I think the second picture is Twisted Teal. Not quite sure but I know it was one of the two dark blue ones. I’m sure it doesn’t really look like that color though because I put it on top of a purple which was made from putting blue on top of my previously red hair. Like I said, I’ve gone through lots of hair colors/styles.

'N Rage
This stuff definitely sticks in but make sure when you put it in your hair, that your hair is a nice even color with as little yellow as possible because it will pick up the hints of yellow/orange if you're trying to do a light color. If you look below at the pink hair, I think I was going for a light pink by putting in 20 volume developer but because I didn't bleach it evenly, it turned out like a highlighter orange/pink in person. It was pretty, but it was uneven and not what I was going for.
Aside that tip, this hair dye is actually pretty good. The color holds in really well and vibrantly. It's taken me quite a few washes before it fades. Though I've only used the pink and red thus far so I can't say how it works with the other colors.
This brand was also another filler for Special Effects and would be on the same level as RAW for me. I wonder if they're the same thing, hahaha.

DSC_1146.jpg picture by AFRo_art

Anyways, that’s it. I’m sure I’ve tried one or two more other brands but not enough to really recall facts from trying them out.
Everything written here is from personal experience on my own hair so the results and opinions may vary for other people considering different types of hair but generally, Special Effects is definitely one of the top brands for best unnatural colored hair dye. Anyone who has tried it will tell you the same.
Here’s some more pictures just for the heck of it :]


  1. thank you so much for posting this, I couldn't find any reviews of the products with pictures.

  2. Well I hope it was of help to you :]

  3. omg *___*
    i love all of ur hairstyles and colours!! gorgeous!! <3

  4. hello, thanks for this! i was wondering what color did yu use on the verry bottom on yur hair that is sooooper light/aqua blue in the 4th pic from the bottom up?

  5. Actually, that was the dye faded in the blond. Use any blue turquoise hair dye like Fish Bowl from Special Effects and dilute it with conditioner or 20 developer. OR, you can do what I did. I just put the dye on the upper half of the hair, leaving the bottom half just blond. Then in the shower, when you're rinsing the dye out, let the dye run over the remaining blond. It turns into the light blue.

  6. awe i would do the second option, but im dying from the roots down and i want it awl that aqua color so theres no way to let it wash down over the hair. lol. so i guess i will dilute it, cuz diluting it makes it a lighter blue right? and thanks for yur quick answers! =)

  7. Yep, and no problem <3 I try to be efficient :]

  8. Hi Lorina,
    I found your blog by Googling "color jamz hair dye". Your photo with the green curly hair showed up. I was just curious about other people's results, since I bleached my black Asian hair, then used Color Jamz in Purple Passion, but it didn't come out as bright as I like it to.
    But anyways, I am really glad that I stumbled upon your blog. I love all the different colors and hair styles you have on here. I read a bit about you, and you are a multi-talented artistic girl...and you are beautiful!
    I wish you moved to CA too (I saw that in other comments)...cuz that's where I'm living. hehe

  9. WOW! thank you for this GREAT blog...I've got a bottle of 'N Rage Purple plum I'm going to try now!

  10. @Van
    Yeaaah, Color Jamz isn't a very strong hair dye so I avoid it but when I'm ridiculously desperate I make sure my hair is try and porous so when I pick it up I leave it in my hair all day and night, hahaha!
    Thanks :] ♥ Yeah, we're still fiddling with the idea. The majority vote is for L.A. right now.

    I'm glad it was of some enjoyment! :]

  11. Oh these are gorgeous :3 I was just wondering, how did you manage to switch from color to color? Did you have to rebleach? Cause that sounds awfully damaging..

  12. I only bleach virgin hair.

    I just used the color wheel pretty much. If I had red hair and I wanted green hair, I'd go to purple, blue, then green.
    If I had purple hair but I wanted yellow hair, I'd go to blue, green, let it fade a lot by using shampoos that will strip color, probably do a shampoo bleach, and then dye it yellow or orange yellow to gradually get to a nice yellow.

    It's actually not very damaging to get to all the colors if you're patient, have the money, and have the right supplies.

  13. Hey! I've been wanting to dye my hair dark green for the longest time. Any recommendations for dye or implementation or general advice? Thanks!

  14. My personal favorite dyes are from Special Effects. Aside that on advice, I'm not quite sure what to say since I don't know the condition of your hair x[

  15. My hair is dark brown, naturally straight, drier (rather than oily), and of average texture, neither unusually silky nor unusually coarse. I have pretty healthy Asian hair. Also, would I *have* to bleach my hair before dying since I want a very dark green, anyway?

  16. If you only want a sheen, SFX will give you a dark green sheen. It's likely it will only be seen under the sun and pictures on flash.

    So you can try that first and see if you like it. If you don't. Then you'll have to bleach your hair but probably only a level or two. you may only need to use a bleach shampoo which will very lightly lift the color.

  17. Thanks so much! What colors would you recommend to achieve a dark green? I'm looking for as pure a green as possible, like, not bluish or pine green.

  18. I love your style! ur hair n make up kick ass, we should totally Facebook each other! :)

  19. Great blog review and great advice dude. I've tried N'Rage dye purple plum and it sticks! You go through a crazy color journey with it though...Dark bluish, purple and blue and lastly fuschia. I really want to try special effects too! I've tried manic panic...sigh..pretty color as it all went down the drain. ;P

  20. Heyy! I was looking into dying my hair with bright purple highlights. I have vveerrrry dark brown hair and I've read on so many dying products that they stain like Everything! So idk what I should use. Plz help... :/

  21. This was really helpful, thanks! It was cute seeing you grow up through hair dyes haha. (not a creep)