Barbie King Size Circle Pink Circle Lens Review!

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I ordered these from Pinky Paradise. I ordered them on a Friday and got them two weeks later. Each pair of lenses arrive with a free contact lens case :] This time I got the blue hippo!

Color/Pattern - 4/5
The color of these are sooo beautiful. They're not a bright pink. They're a soft baby pink but because my irises have a red tone, the lenses have a purple undertone to them. Those with a yellow tone to their eyes will have a more pure baby pink color.
I'd say they're pretty noticeable from far away but because they're such a subtle pink, they don't look too out of place.
As for the pattern, these are far from natural because of the floral print but they definitely give a dolly effect and the pixels are very opaque so the color will definitely show through.

Enlargement - 5/5
These are 14.5mm so they definitely enlarge, but because of the bold outer ring, they seem a lot bigger than my Max Pure Brown lenses. I'm still very willing to go bigger but for those who have smaller eyes and are looking for enlargement, I believe these will satisfy :]

Comfort - 5/5

I normally take my contacts out between 6-8 hours of wear. I had to use drops a couple times wearing these, mainly because I keep my eyes open too long sometimes. Aside that, they were really comfortable. Couldn't feel them at all.

Overall - 4/5
For me, these are great lenses if you want something different. They won't cater well to people who are looking for the natural look and because they're pink, they won't go with all my outfits so these are very much for play.
I'd give these a 4/5 because they enlarge well, the color and pattern show through, and it's very comfortable. I wouldn't give it a 5/5, personally because it's not a contact lens to wear every day for me and like I aforementioned, doesn't go with all my outfits. Drives me nuts, haha!


    i'm planning to buy this one too~~
    but is it really barbie? because i went to pinkyparadise and search by brand, barbie king size pink stands by G&G O_O
    so is it G&G or barbie? and on the circle lens bottle also says G&G....

  2. I just go by what PinkyParadise tells me xD
    It's called Barbie King Size Circle Pink and the bottle says G&G. I know different brands copy each other for different colors. I suppose this was the case since I know Barbie King Size is also called Candy Magic from EOS.

  3. hmm okay thanks for the information ^^ !

  4. Thanks for the review! I found your review through google. I just ordered these lens because they look so nice! I love your eye makeup as well :)♥

  5. Thank you very much! I'm glad I was of some help!

  6. OMG these lenses are so great! I'm totally buying them. :)
    I got here through google, looking for reviews and photos of them, and I happened to discover so nice blog ^_^
    Gonna follow you♥ xoxo!

  7. They're definitely still one of my favorites :]
    Thanks for following! ♥