Gossip Grey Circle Lens Review!

I ordered these at Pinkyparadise.

Every order from them comes with a free lens case :]

Color/Pattern - 4/5
Because my iris is fairly big, I don't get much of a halo. For me to get a halo, I have to look up and let the lens drag down, but the lens does slide on my left eye so I get a halo on the side. Otherwise, these come out dark on me but with someone with smaller irises, they would come out as it looks in the ad. So I was pretty disappointed in these the first few times I wore them but as the time passed by and the more I used them, the more I became fond of the look. It's pretty natural if it's not looked at too closely. If you wanted a very noticeable grey, then don't get this. This is dark and dolly looking.

Enlargement - 5/5
This definitely enlarges but because of the natural pattern, it doesn't feel as if it's too big to be a natural size. Still very dolly, but not scary.

Comfort - 4/5
I try to take my contacts out after 6-8 hours of wear and with these, I normally have to use eye drops at some point towards the end. My eyes dry easily with contacts though, so it could vary. Otherwise, they are comfortable. I don't feel them in my eyes.

Overall - 4/5
These are my favorite colored natural looking lens that I've owned. The only other natural colored lens that I've had are Neo Cosmo Princess Eyes Grey and Neo Cosmo Glamour Violet. The Princess Eyes Grey was smaller and the pattern was too sharp, versus the Gossip Grey which is softer which allows a sweeter look. The Glamour Violet didn't show up on my eyes, so naturally, I didn't take it to very much. At best it made my eyes a slightly lighter brown.
So, in the end, I wound up really liking these. I'm still searching for a lighter grey lens, but these will do for now for more mature, darker looks but I definitely gotta keep my eye drops handy when I wear these out.

Dolly Wink Lashes Review: #2 Sweet Girly and #8 Pure Little

Here's my review on those lashes!
I've worn these lashes out plenty of times now to say that I absolutely adore them.
At first, I didn't really like them but that was only because I was applying them wrong. I'm still practicing applying the bottom lashes since they come in pieces but I think the look afterward is worth the patience to get them done.

Dolly Wink #2 Sweet Girly
For the first few times I had problems applying these because of the way my eyelids are. I had to put the glue on differently than I normally do with my other lashes so that these would "stand up" cause they would lay flat otherwise. Because of that, I didn't like them until I figured out what I needed to do. Now these are one of my favorites to wear. They're long, but very natural.

Dolly Wink #8 Pure Little

(Bottom Lashes)
I was surprised when I took these out to try them for the first time. I didn't know they would come in small pieces. I thought that you had to cut them on your own. You definitely have to apply these with tweezers, which I hadn't done before so it was tricky, especially since the pieces are so small. I've already lost a couple x[
But I looove these a lot. My bottom lashes aren't very long or thick so these create a great natural look. But I tend to have oily skin so they come undone after a few hours so I need to check on them once in awhile to make sure they haven't fallen off. I don't wear these often because of that, but the effect they give is lovely when applied correctly.

Excuse the bottom lash that's flat. Like I said, still practicing!

I got these as a Christmas present, ordered from Pinkyparadise.com
They're pricey for lashes, but I would want another pair! I want to try the other styles and buy Diamond Lashes another time as well since my *DIAMOND* sister, Mina, gave me a pair and they're adorable. I'll do a review on those another time.

*Circle lenses used are EOS Max Pure Brown