Puffy 3 Tone Blue/Shinny Aqua Circle Lens Review!

Ordered from Honeycolor.

Here's a creepy video of me with them on. LOL.
Until I can find the chord to my camcorder, I can't really take clear videos Dx

Indoor phone picture.

Outdoor phone picture.

Color/Pattern - 5/5
If you already couldn't tell, these lenses are OPAQUE! Even in dim light, you can tell that my eyes are lighter. These are such a beautiful, vibrant shade of blue and they look natural as well! They're not scary or piercing. It's very soft and doll like. I've had a few people tell me that they look natural and someone in person thought they were my natural eye color x]
I gave these a 5/5 because they were exactly what I was looking for. Natural pattern with a bright noticeable color.

Enlargement - 5/5
You can just look at the comparison picture and you can see the difference. But if you look at the outdoor and indoor picture, you can see that it looks smaller in certain angles and bigger in others. However, if you have smaller irises, anything in 14.5mm will make your eyes look HUGE. When my husband tried on his Puffy 3 Tone Grey lenses, the difference between his natural eye and the contact were insanely different. He doesn't need vision correction at all, but I would guess that if he had to wear them he would be given 14.0mm-14.2mm lenses, verus me, I have to wear mine at 14.5mm for coverage. These will definitely make you look dolly.

Comfort - 5/5
Oh my gosh, I can wear these for hours. You really shouldn't go past 8 hours of wear, but if you didn't have the availability to, you'd still be good. To be honest, I was out for 10 or more hours once and I may have used my eyedrops once or twice. Like I said, you shouldn't wear them for so long, especially if you wear contacts every day due to protein build up on the lenses and the lack of oxygen to your eyes. But these lenses, yeah, they're super comfy.
These were the first lenses my husband has ever worn and he told me after he adjusted to them, that he couldn't feel them at all. So even though they're opaque, the lens itself is still pretty thin.

Overall - 5/5
I almost wish I had something to complain about these lenses but I absolutely LOVE them. The first time I saw pictures of the Puffy 3 Tone series, I wasn't that impressed. I thought they were lovely and that I'd like to try them at some point. When that "some point" came around I instantly wanted to order ALL the other colors. There is blue, grey, green, brown, hazel, purple, and pink. I've seen pictures of all the colors except hazel from real buyers so maybe I'll look into hazel next :]

As for my experience with Honey Color. I haven't ordered from them in a VERY long time so I was surprised with their cute packaging! Not sure how long they've had it but it's very professional looking and the back has instructions on how to put lenses in.

I think it's a nice touch even for people who've been wearing lenses for years. It's almost nostalgic in a sense thinking back on the first lenses I was trying on and how I instantly dropped one and kept trying to push up invisible glasses, LOL.

Also, with every order of lenses, you get a free lens case :] I forgot to request certain ones but I'm glad with what they sent us since I don't have either of those cases. Oh, and their shipping was really fast too! I was surprised they came in so quickly. Maybe a week, or a week and a half. I can't remember if we payed for quicker shipping Dx'
Their prices are great though xD

Anyway, I hope this review is useful to someone and if you do order from this series that you love it as much as I do! ♥


  1. The suit your hair so well! Great review :D

  2. I'm waiting for my order with the Puffy Greens! I'm super excited, but it was definitely hard choosing which one to get! My boyfriend liked green best, so I chose that, but I'm still eyeing blue and grey, and maybe even violet if I ever have a chance to wear that color lol. These look SO great on you! I agree, I wasn't even interested in this series at first, but looking more into the worn photos, my god are they gorgeous *__*

  3. @Sami Spoon
    Thank you! I didn't get them with intent to match my hair but I'm glad they don't clash too badly :]

    I know * _____* ♥ Haha, I think these are my favorite series now. I never had one before but I actually feel quite determined to try all the colors xD

  4. Thank you so much for this review!! The lenses look soo pretty!!

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  6. awwww so cute!!!! i love your hair color by the way~ n__n

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