Eyebrow Tutorial!

Awhile ago I got a request to do an eyebrow tutorial. I had to wait for my eyebrows. LOL.

Okay kids, here's the first part of the lesson. Don't over pluck! Or you'll wind up like me, LOL. This is how my brows look with and without the fill.

In high school, I was into more extreme makeup. That included checker board eyeshadow patterns and high, thin line eyebrows.

From over plucking, my eyebrows don't grow in the same anymore. That and I just can't keep my hands off of them so they're forever uneven, hahaha. I plucked top and bottom, which it's highly recommended to not pluck the top part (unless you're a professional or something).

I mean, go ahead and over pluck them if you like being teased about it by your family and if you want your husband to think it's cute, hahaha x]

I don't really regret it though. I had a lot of fun with what I was doing before. So long as I was enjoying myself, there's no reason to regret it. It's a part of me, my husband thinks it's funny and cute, and I enjoy filling them in anyways xD

But I wouldn't encourage anyone to do it, especially if you have nice, thick eyebrows. Those are the best to work with :]

So, let's start!

1.Brush out your eyebrows.
(if you have any, LOL)

This is so there are no hairs out of place. Some are sticking up, sticking out, pointing down, etc. It could influence the shape just because they're slightly out of place. If you don't have an eyebrow brush, you can use a tooth brush.

2. Find your arc! 

Pink - Between the outside of your nose and the tip of your nose is where you indicate the start of the brow.

Green - From the middle section of the bottom of your nose to the center of your pupil is where your highest arc should be. (Though some people do it from the nostril to the pupil or the tip of the nose to the pupil. It makes the arc closer or further away.)

Blue - From the outside of your nose to the outer most corner of your eye is where your eyebrow should end.

If you want, you can physically mark the three areas with some eye liner. This may make the process easier for some.


Here's my own picture for reference on a real face. As you can see, the pink line doesn't reach my brows. Some people will naturally have shorter brows or longer brows. If you decide to fill them in, the pink line is as far as it should go for balance. However, it's not a set rule. Play around with it and see what best balances your features or what suits your preferences.

3. Pick your shape!

For light or sparse brows, you can fill in the shape you'd like. This way you can play around with the shape you want before plucking your brows. You can use eye shadow, eye liner, or brow shadow.

For darker eyebrows, you can use a cream eye shadow, concealer, or liquid foundation to cover the unwanted hairs to make the desired shape.

Here are my brows. I just outline the shape since I'm used to it. Go ahead and fill them in really dark if you want just so the shape is obvious and it doesn't get lost with your eyebrows.

Here's a few eye brow shapes.
Everyone has a different shape naturally and can only achieve certain shapes.
Don't try to go against your natural shape. Stay within it's arc.

4. Pluck your eyebrows!

If you decided to fill in your brows with a darker color to find your shape, pluck the hairs that you didn't fill in. If you decided to color over the areas you wanted plucked, pluck those hairs. Stay within your shape and don't over pluck. If you're not certain, don't do it. Be patient. The hair might just be a bit too long and would need trimming, not plucking.

5. Clean your brows and brush them out.

After you're done plucking, wash off the makeup and plucked hairs, then brush your brows out again. Some hairs will be a bit too long and will make the shape look a little messy.

6. Trim your eyebrows.

With a small pair of scissors, trim those hairs that are out of place to make the shape of your eyebrows more defined. If you're not comfortable with this, it won't look horrible :b Some people just like it super clean!

7. Ta-da!
And that makes one side done :D Haha, that's pretty much it. It takes time and patience for a nice shape if you're not used to doing this or if you want a new shape. And for those like me who have very light little/light brows, fill them in, of course. Make sure you start light and then build up the color so it looks more natural. If you're having a hard time choosing what color to go with, eyebrows are generally two shades lighter than your hair.

Before and After
Even though it's just a drawing, her eyes still look more open with groomed eyebrows.

Below are three other shapes I could have gone with.
higher arc,  round arc, defined arc

If you want to save a mini cartoon tutorial to your computer,
I put one together here for you to save!

So I hope this satisfied the request and that it helps someone out there!
Again, just be patient and don't over pluck!

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