HANA Professional 1.5" Flat Iron Sponsored Review

As I have been saying for awhile now, I was contacted to do a review on the HANA Professional 1.5" Flat Iron! I was very grateful to be sent one and thus far have really enjoyed the product :] Thank you again! ♥

This review is entirely on my opinion by the experience I've had with this flat iron.

Firstly, the packaging was GREAT. I love getting packages in the mail. It makes me excited, LOL. And their packaging was more than I expected. Each package they send out is like this! Packed with unexpected stuff :3 A small bottle of their HANA Hair Shield Thermal Protectant, a Heat Proof Silicone Pad, a Heat Proof Pouch, eyeliner, lipgloss, hand sanitizer, nail files, a sleeping mask, three fragrant decorative flowers and a white rose, and the little stuff came in small silk bags :D

On to the flat iron! I don't normally straighten my hair since it's been pin straight my entire life but it's nice to see it once in awhile and this is the best flat iron I've used :3 The ones I've had in the past were awkward to hold, they were heavy, they left kinks in my hair, and even pulled my hair x .x' Ouchies. 

This flat iron has floating plates so your hair glides through it and the plates are curved on the sides so it doesn't leave any harsh kinks in your hair and you can style your hair with soft curls, waves, and flip the ends in and out with this.
The chord swivels all the way around at the base and it's slightly weighted so it actually moves with you, not against you, like other hair appliances I've used. The chord is long as well so you have a lot of movement.

I have a friend who uses flat irons and she told me that this was a really good design. It's not clunky shaped, it's pretty thin, and it's light weight, comfortable in the hand, the settings are in a good place so you don't accidentally change it while doing your hair, and it's a pretty good price considering she bought one for $80 and she wasn't exactly fully satisfied with the product.
It was nice to get another opinion :]

It has a simple on and off switch with 5 different settings and there's a red light that indicates it's on. The light starts flickering when it's heated to the selected setting.
The only down side so far with my experience is after a handful or so many uses, at the setting 230 and under the light turns off. I haven't checked if the flat iron turns off and doesn't work at those settings anymore or if the light is defected. Though the other settings work just fine which are the ones I only use anyways so it's not a huge deal.

And this Heat Proof Silicone Pad is pretty darn handy. I tend to just set my hot hair appliances where I can which is sometimes not very safe or smart since it either slips around or is resting on my bed, LOL. So this saves me from any accidents, like burning myself or something and having the appliance fall xDDDD

Here are the results for myself with and without my extensions.

It's definitely versatile enough for fragile hair and extensions. I could've made my hair straighter but I was in a rush and I personally don't like using my settings too high x3
ALSO, it doesn't burn off the dye in your hair! I've used a hair appliance in the past before that burned off color in my hair :[ I was very unhappy. I just dyed my hair and the dye I picked out was too red so you can really tell the difference at the ends of my real hair but at least it's nice to know that this flat iron didn't burn the color out xD

And I've already used the flat iron to curl my hair as well and I LOVE the results. My extensions were curled with curlers but my real hair blended in so soft and nicely :3

After you're done using it, you can put it in your handy dandy Heat Proof Pouch :O
Haha, it's pretty convenient. I don't have proper organization for my hair appliances so it keeps things nice and tidy. There are actually more than one storage bag they sent, or at least to me they can be used as storage bags. The leather one, a velvet one, and the one with the purple bow. The tin box that it came in can be used as that too xD

And it's really awesome that the package comes with the Shine Shield product! I've been meaning to get some sort of heat protectant hair product and this does the trick. You only need a few drops for coverage if you have short hair like me, and apparently you can put it on your skin too o ___o It feels nice, LOL.

So I hope this review was pretty thorough and that it was enjoyable, somehow xD
They also have a selection for Curling Irons! So check that out if you're interested ;D

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ ♥ ♥

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