Pretty Crystal Pink/i.Fairy Super Crystal Pink Review!

Someone asked for this review a month or two ago . ______.
But I haven't had the desire to wear them, nor the time so I just snapped these real quick like with no makeup! :O Sorryyyy. Not as a pretty presentation but whatever, this review will dish out what it needs to.

I swear, in the future, I won't be as creepy and will actually show the lenses off better.
This was awhiiiile ago (thus the green hair) when I actually was planning on doing the review, LOL.

Here's a few pictures in the past that I've taken wearing them.
I didn't wear them very often.


Color/Pattern: 4/5
The color is noticeable, even under dim light. It ranges from a red hue to a pink hue on my dark brown eyes. Reddish on the brown, pink on the white of my eyes. They're definitely NOT natural looking. Very "vampiric" and eye catching. Makes people stop for a second when they look at my eyes with these lenses! I wasn't looking for any specific hue when getting these. I was just plain curious of what they'd look like. If you want something super bright, these probably won't due. They're subtle in a sense versus some other pink lenses that just pop out like high lighters.
As for the pattern, I'm not thrilled nor disappointed. However, I do think, the pattern looks wonderful when it compliments your eye color. For example, I originally wanted the brown because it would have blended in with my eyes better and would really give that crystal-like illusion. Pink is kinda hard to get that illusion unless you've got lighter eyes. The pixels are very opaque though, so there won't be any disappointment in color.

Enlargement: 5/5
These are the first 15.0mm lenses I've ever worn and they really are HUGE. As I've said in my other reviews, my eyes are big to begin with so I don't have a hard time getting these in but I've read from other people's reviews on 15.0mm lenses that some have a hard time getting these in because of how small their eyes are (mainly people with monolids). So, if you're new to lenses and want enlargement, try 14.2mm before you move up and waste money on a pair of lenses you can't even wear. If you wear clear contacts already, look at the box and see how big your lenses are to guesstimate what you can handle.
Anywaaays, I took a picture of these pink lenses with my Puffy 3 Tone Blue lenses for comparison and you can definitely see the difference.

Comfort: 3.5/5
Even though these are big, I really don't feel them when I put them in and these are okay for a few hours but I think since they're bigger, they dry out my eyes faster. I tend to need to use drops in about 4 hours. Though I did use a new contact solution called Biotrue and it's extended my contact wear for a couple hours longer. I haven't tried these contacts with that solution yet so I can't say if it'd help or not. Though only certain contact solutions work best with certain people, so I'd suggest trying out different brands to find one that comforts your eyes the best. For me, it's Biotrue! After that would be Renu.

Over All: 4/5
These are great for costuming and for daily if you like this kind of look but it does lack in comfort. It's not horrible comfort, but be ready with eye drops if you'll be wearing it out for long. They definitely don't give a soft, doll like look either because of the color. These are for a stronger appearance.

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