Adventure Time Christmas Tree!

My husband and I are Adventure Time fans and decided to use it as the theme for our Christmas tree!
Our tree is black with rainbow lights. We figured it was suiting :3

I made the ornaments myself with foam and felt, but it was a really quick project so they're not done very well and look sloppy up close. From far away they're good though, haha!

I also ran out of some materials and couldn't made nearly as many characters as I wanted to. I'm glad I was able to do some alternate versions though like Fionna and Marshall Lee. I tried to make the main cast at the very least.

My favorites that I made are the Lemongrabs, LSP, and Princess Bubblegum!

The Snail waving a the bottom of the tree x]
Husband thought it would be a nice touch for it to be down there.

Ice King is on top with Gunter and Gunther just like in his Ice Kingdom!

We put PB and Marceline close to each other since a lot of people like them together :D
Maybe next year I'll improve on this or we'll have a new home-made theme. Who knows, but I'm excited already!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a safe and lovely holiday!
Remember that the holidays aren't always a happy time for everyone.
Let's all treat each other with kindness.


GLOSSYBOX Tis The Season To Be Glossy 2012

Glossybox put together a box for the holidays!

If you're unfamiliar with Glossybox, they are a company that sends out 5 beauty related products each month. From hair care, to makeup, to skin and nails. You can subscribe for just one box for one month, three boxes for three months, or a year subscription for 12 boxes.

Magic Circle Clothing Package!


I've been eyeing Magic Circle Clothing ever since I saw those cute bear sweaters on Tumblr and then saw her Celestial Hair Pins. Now I have them! Weee!

GEO Big Grang Grang Brown + Choco Lens Review!

Hello everyone! :D

Shoppingholics is now...
Sounds much cuter :3

This review is based on my own opinion and experiences.
Thank you, LoveShoppingholics for the lenses!

As per usual, when handling contacts and circle lenses please use good practices.
Read my Circle Lens Care page for more information.

MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions!

*This sponsored review is completely based by my own opinion and experience!

Recently I received a 20" yellow single weft clip in hair extension streak from MyLuxury1st!

She has a very wide selection and she handcrafts 100% real and Remy human hair. What she offers is Nail U Tip - Hot Fusion, Flat Square Tip - Fusion, Stick I Tip - Strand by Strand, Clips Ins - Customizes pieces, Take In - Any amount of pieces, and Microloop with bead attached - Cold Fusion.

One of the only hair colors I've never really done is yellow. I thought this was a good chance to try it out and I LOVE it. It looks great with pink hair!

Outfit: White + Pink!

I look like I'm posing for Senior portraits, LOL. 
Which I didn't get to do but that's okay. I looked a hot mess.
I don't need framed records of that xD

This is one of my favorite outfits to wear. I like being able to wear outfits that doesn't have any black. I used to dress in dark clothes only and even though I really enjoy wearing black it's refreshing wearing something light or all white. I used to be concerned that it would make me look bigger, but I kind of don't care anymore. It's really pretty wearing white and light colors x]

Collar: DIY
Top: Asia Fashion Wholesale
Skirt: Goodwill
Socks: Sockdreams
Shoes: GoJane
Belt: F21
Short Necklace: DIY
Long Necklace: gifted
Earrings: Bubbled Accessories

Contacts: EOS Candy Pink

These roses were so pretty. I want to try dying some white flowers some time.

And look at these cute gingerbread men!

Lots of places are already putting out Christmas stuff.
I've even got a couple friends who have their trees up!
It seems like it's been a rough year for a lot of people.
Some holiday cheer would definitely be nice.
I'm even tempted to get our tree up very soon too!


ADIDAS shirt from Trinity Styles!

Trinity Styles sponsored me this black Oversize Adidas Print Top.

Use my discount code - LORINA
It's applicable on all orders. It takes 5% off and you get a free accessory!

Thank you, Trinity Styles! ♡
Check out their selection. They have other cute stuff.

This is the actual shirt! Looks good, huh?
Once it was sent out it took 5 business days to arrive.

30 Day Positivity Challenge

I wanted to make a challenge that didn't revolve around typical questions or things that brought up past pains. This is what I came up with. I'll probably be doing this myself on my Tumblr, and I hope some of you do this as well! I think by the end of it, it would be something nice to look back on.

I hope that this will be a way for some people to recognize that they aren't as bad as they see themselves. Loving yourself isn't narcissistic or shallow. It's realizing that who you are and what you look like is just fine. There's plenty good about you.
  1. What is something you've done that you're proud of?
  2. What is one thing you like about your personality?
  3. What is one of your favorite physical features?
  4. What is something that your past self did that you're thankful for now?
  5. What is something you overcame?
  6. What is your favorite thing about your eyes?
  7. What is something you fought for?
  8. What puts you in a good mood?
  9. What was a compliment someone has given you?
  10. What's one of the nicest things you've done for a stranger/friend?
  11. What do you think is one of your best traits?
  12. What is another one of your favorite physical features?
  13. What is something that means a lot to you?
  14. What is one of your talents or something you're good at?
  15. What is something you like about yourself?
  16. What is something you've accomplished?
  17. What was one of the proudest moments in your life?
  18. What is one thing you would never change about yourself?
  19. What is one thing you would never change about your body?
  20. What color do you think looks best on you?
  21. What is something that you can do well?
  22. Are you more productive during the day or night, and why?
  23. What has someone done for you that made you smile?
  24. What helps you feel relaxed or helps calm you down?
  25. What is something you're thankful for that your body helps you do?
  26. What is a song or activity that makes you happy or feel better?
  27. What is something that changed your life or outlook for the better?
  28. Of the 5 physical senses, which one is your favorite, and why?
  29. What is one thing you think is beautiful about any part of your body?
  30. Reread all your answers. You're a wonderful human being. You have good days and bad days, and you have a right to different emotions because no one is ever constantly stable. Just remember that things don't always have to go one way. Take time for yourself, take a step back, reevaluate who you are, where you are, and your goals. You're amazing. Now make a post about something you're thankful for in your life.
(I would have liked to name it something better but I couldn't think of anything else!)


Outfit: Felt Cartoonic.

Top: Bodyline
Skirt: Wet Seal
Jacket: Steps
Socks: Sockdreams
Headband: Creepy Yeha
Boots: gifted many years ago

Contacts: i.Fairy Ash Blue

I was in a rush to wear that top as a part of an outfit but I didn't feel as confident in this outfit. It's just one of those outfits I threw together to be dressed. I like the way it looks, but something was throwing me off that day.

The highlight of this outfit was when an older lady approached me with a smile and said, "You look like such a sweet little girl. You're so pretty." LOL. I wonder if she really meant that I looked like a little girl or not. Either way, she made me smile x]


Bodyline School Uniform Costume 242 Review

Maid uniform, check. School uniform, check.
Two things I've been wanting for yeaaars and I got them within a couple months!

I got both from Bodyline!
For my review and link to the maid uniform, go here.
For the link to the school uniform, go here.

This review and my maid uniform review is NOT sponsored.
Just to make that clear.


Overdue Birthday Post!

My birthday was early September and it's already November!
October just breezed by for me.

I really wanted to make this post because I want to share with all of you the changes I've gone through from the past years. Many of us struggle with our self image and ourselves as individuals. I know that all too well and I guess the purpose of this post is to let people know that you can change if you want to. That even though you can't control life and the things around you, you can take a hold of yourself and make things better for yourself by changing your outlook and take steps to improve your lifestyle. No one can make you feel better or make life better unless you actively do it for yourself and believe in yourself.

Let's start with this collage below!

Yes, I am 23 years old AND married, for those of you who didn't know by now x]
We've been together ever since I was 14 and he was 15. He can vouch for me when I say I've struggled with my self esteem. He's grown up with me and has watched me change. Not just my style or my hair, but the person I've become.

You can kind of see it in my face from 2008 to 2012 how much confidence I've gained in my expression, and how much weight I lost. Also how much better my makeup and hair became! Hahaha!

Even though most people say I look completely different from when I was a teenager. There are times that I still feel the exact same discomfort of who I was and how I looked. How I hated the skin I was in and the touch of another person from the self disgust that I had. 

(See how miserable and disconnected I was? Haha.)

Several years of self destructive behavior isn't easy to recoil in comparison to the amount of time it took me to improve my physical appearance. There really hasn't been a day that I've forgotten how I currently look and have to remind myself by looking in the mirror or a recent picture. Hell, sometimes I still surprise myself that I don't look like the girl above. I have to remind myself that's not who I am anymore.

Each year has gotten better though. As I better my relationship with myself and understanding where my insecurities come from, I can figure out ways to move forward.

One of the most helpful things upon improving my outlook of myself has been fashion and beauty related interests. Early in my relationship with my husband I decided I wanted to be more girly so he can be proud of being with me. I wanted to look nice for him. Now I wouldn't recommend anyone to change themselves for another person. Do it for yourself. Lucky for me, my husband's always been a gentleman and has dearly loved me since the beginning. I didn't have to change for him to be proud of me.

Slowly that desire to look good for him transitioned into wanting to look good for myself. It turned into a hobby that I enjoyed and even skipped out on trends or popular looks and sought out a style that I felt was fun. Looking back I wouldn't say I looked very good, but at the very least I was happy and confident. Hahaha!

Here is a small example of the development of my fashion sense.

(The year 2009 is when I started growing my hair out for my wedding in 2010, and in 2011 I went back to a natural hair color for my sister's wedding.)

There is such an absurd amount of people who are insecure and have a hard time being comfortable with expressing themselves as individuals. I encourage you all to be more accepting of yourselves and to have fun.

Regardless of how you look or feel, there's always going to be someone who will think differently. What's important is what you think about yourself and how you feel. If you don't like where you are, take the steps to change. Just don't guilt trip yourself if you don't get there quickly. Old habits are hard to quit and new habits are hard to develop.

I'm still not satisfied with myself but I'm taking my time and trying to enjoy what I do have going on for me. I do my best to keep the mentality of not letting the bad outweigh the good. Our bodies are vessels for who we are, not the other way around. And each person can bring light into someone's life. Don't think so little of yourself. Just as no one can read your mind, you can't tell how much you may mean to another person.


If you're curious about what I got for my birthday and how I dressed, go to this post -- Click me!


Papercute Dragon Horn Headband

Hey, guys!

Papercute has some new headbands!
Dragon horns, devil horns, and ram horns.
(There will be vegan material options available.)

The unicorn horn was a gift inspired off of my monster girl drawings!
Ahhhh! I'm so grateful :3

Papercute is the same shop that I got the kitty headband from.
She made a huge batch a little bit ago and they were sold out pretty quickly.

One of these cute kitty headbands will be part of a prize in a future giveaway!

As for now, Papercute themselves are holding a contest!

"Alright! Here are the contest details! Since Halloween is coming up, the point of the contest is to post pictures of Halloween costumes including a piece from Papercute!! If you don't own a piece, then post a costume that could use a Papercute accessory!! Not into Halloween costumes? Don't fret! Style contest will be held in the near future :D The prize is a custom Papercute order, NYX Crimson Amu
let palette, and moar to come!!

1. Must be a fan of Papercute!
2. Once you post your picture I will add it to the contest album.
3. Share your picture to get likes!

The person with the most likes will win the prize!"

The ending date has been extended to November 30th!

As most of you know for those who follow my blog(s), I am currently in a demon/monster girl phase. They're so cute! These dragon horns fit right into my inspirations.

They would be good for costume and cosplay as well.

They're very sturdy and a bit heavy.
At least I know I won't break a horn in half if I drop it by accident xD

Here is the unicorn headband!

I definitely would wear this with costume than with my daily wear.
I just need some wings and I can be a Princess in the MLP world *A*

(A review for this school uniform is coming up next!)

Here are a couple outfits I've worn with the dragon horns.
I guess they bring out the darker side of my wardrobe x]


New Hair + Outfit!

Hello, everyone!

I'm totally in love with my new hair!
I didn't intentionally dye it this way but I'm happy how it turned out. I put fushia hair dye diluted with conditioner over my blue hair and left it in for 45 minutes. The dye only soaked into the ends of my hair which created the gradient. Then I put on my pink extensions.

The lenses I'm wearing are the i.Fairy Casper Grey.
Read my review here, or buy them here.

The lashes I'm wearing are the Diamond Lash Series 2 - No. 1 Glamorous Eye.
Read my review here, or buy them here.

My lip color is a mix of Maybelline's 025 Pink Please with WarPaint Lipgloss in Brightest Pink on top.

Here is my outfit for the day.

Headband: CreepyYeha
Jacket: Steps
Shirt: Goodwill
Belt: F21
Skirt: Goodwill
Socks: Sockdreams
Boots: eBay
Necklace: handmade
Hat: handmade

(Bad photoshopping. I knowwww, whatever. Haha.)

Someone once asked me to describe what I felt was an accomplishing outfit and why.
It was an interesting request.

Well, there's so much about this outfit that makes me happy and makes me feel confident.
I'm not particularly in love with my legs, but I love wearing thigh highs. It's a cute look that makes me happy and helps me get over my thighs. High waisted skirts are a common piece in my outfits because it elongates my body and creates a curvier illusion when the bottom of the skirt flares out. That and I particularly like school uniform like outfits. I wear waist belts to further the curvy illusion, and it makes me conscious about my posture. It kind of reminds me to stand or sit straight.

I like wearing platform shoes and heels to make my legs look longer and to make myself taller. I also like boots with this outfit because it matches well with my faux leather jacket. It's a harsh and more mature contrast to the cutesy polkadot skirt and pastel pink top. My two favorite things, wearing cute clothing and mature clothing together. There's also a touch of my personal handwork and style with my DIY hat and necklace which are inspired by monster girls and magical girls.

For the longest time I've wanted to look straight out of a cartoon as my inspiration for my looks. So when I pick outfits, I imagine how I'd look drawn as a cartoon. If I like it, I tend to go for it.


Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil 01 Honey Brown

Hello, hello!

Here's another review from

They have two other colors available, 02 Chocolate Brown, and 03 Dark Chocolate.

Normally, you would pair the pencil up with the eyebrow mascara so the colors match.
They are the 01 Milk Tea, 02 Mocha, and 03 Cocoa. I didn't get any though.
Maybe next time!

Candy Doll Concealer 01

Hello, everyone!

Shoppingholics sent me the Candy Doll Concealer 01 to review.
Thank you for everything, Shoppingholics ♡

Check out their website for makeup, circle lenses, and accessories!
Lots of awesome stuff :3

As usual, this review is all based by my own experience and opinion!

G&G Dm23 Grey Circle Lens Review

Hahaha, finally reviewed everything in this picture!
Thank you to Shoppingholics for sponsoring me!
I will forever be grateful ♡ :3

Check out the other reviews if you're interested!

If you're new to circle lenses, please visit this page!

As usual, this review is based by my own experience and opinion!

To purchase this lens, click here!

GLOSSYBOX October 2012

Ahhh! This review is OVERDUE!
Well, here it is!

Thanks again to the Glossybox team for sponsoring me!
If you haven't tried them out yet, you can buy just one box without have to subscribe for three months or a year. It would be a good present too! Maybe you can treat yourself to a subscription or ask for a subscription as a gift!

New Clothes and Accessories!

Hello, everyone!

One of my favorite places to shop are Goodwills :0
It's like a treasure hunt for me x] Lots of uncommon items and clothes you can alter.

All these garments I got from Goodwill. Most recently the two pastel tops.

I added the heart on the pink top with fabric paint and tape!
After this wee little project, I want to do more with fabric paint x]

The lines are a little crooked but I don't mind.
Still looks cute!

In this picture, I'm wearing my new CreepyYeha headband!
A really great friend bought it for me for my birthday and a bunch of other great items!

Crazy awesome!

I really love this outfit, even though it's simple. If I were a cartoon character, this would be the outfit I would never change out of, hahaha! Along with my CreepyYeha headband too! These pictures were taken before I got the birthday package.

My demon horns were bought at a medieval fair years ago but they were originally orange before I painted them black. For those that are interested, PaperCute will soon be releasing different kind of horns though like demon, ram, unicorn, and dragon! Woo! Can't wait to see :D

I sketched some monster characters cause they're my current interest and inspiration.
I'm sure it shows in my style x]

Here's the other shirt. The only alteration I did was roll up the sleeves and iron them to sew it in place. The shirt's design was already supposed to tie at the waist! :D I was thrilled when I found it. It's so cute :3

Excuse the dirty mirror, urg, haha.

I really like these miss matched fabric patterns, heh.
Also attached a bow from BowKuma cause it's cute :3

Thrift stores and Goodwills are always hit and miss though. Sometimes it depends on the area it's located because of the people that live closest donates there. So if you're looking for something vintage, look for a store that's close to an older community. For more up to date items, look for one close to a mall or school. I've seen Goodwills get items directly from Target when their last items don't get sold such as clothing, bags, and shoes! They're in store condition too. Not worn or anything. It's pretty awesome.

Anyone else like to shop at places like this? :]