Shinny Green Circle Lens Sponsored Review and Older Shinny Brown Review

I was contacted by Shoppingholics with an opportunity to review a couple of their products! I requested for a pair of Shinny Green circle lenses and they also sent me another product, Dr. Herba Collagen Essence

(I didn't take a comparison picture with the green!
But this is from the same series but in blue!)

Color/Pattern - 5/5
The color is vibrant and visible on dark brown eyes like mine and the pattern imitates a real iris. The center has a yellow-ish color but as you can see, the green overrides any yellow tones and is a pure green color. There's no hint of blue or brown, as you can see by comparing the Shinny Aqua! It's a distinct, beautiful green! This is the first time I've worn green contacts and I can't be any more happy with these! I've seen a lot of different reviews for different green contacts and many people have a hard time finding a perfect green lens because it's either a weird color or it doesn't show up well, but this, this is just beauuutiful!

Enlargement - 5/5
I have big eyes so they may not look as enlarged on me but trust me, they'll definitely take up a lot of space! They visibly look large on me, but for people with smaller eyes than mine, 14.5mm is big enough! I've actually been wanting to downsize to 14.2mm which will be big enough to cover my iris. The contacts I'm prescribed when wearing clear contacts are at 14.5mm to cover well. So keep in mind if you do or don't want enlargement, but the color and pattern of these would be worth it either way :3

Comfort - 5/5
Well, I've got 4 pairs of Shinny/Puffy 3 Tone so I can only say they're my favorite and most comfortable aside my Gossip Greys which are pretty much the same comfort level. I can wear them for hours without using eye drops. They're well hydrated and they're not too thick. Not much to say other than I wear them all the time. I wear this series more than any of the others I have :]

Overall - 5/5
I've got Green, Blue, Brown, and Grey. The grey is my husband's though, as his first lens in general. Aside from getting it into his eyes, he said they were really comfortable and he couldn't feel them after a bit and they enlarged his eyes as well :] I can't wait to get my next color from them! My blues are about to expire in a few more months so I think I'll go for Hazel or Purple when those are gone and see how I like those, which I probably will xD Thus far, my favorites are the Brown and Green!

As a side note, I used my new iPhone4S to take these pictures. I'm so thrilled about the quality it displays! It's incredible! Below is a bigger picture and you can see all the detail when it's focused x ___x It's cuhrazy. Don't mind me, I'm just thrilled xD

As for the other product they sent me. I think it's way too early to make a fair assessment on it!

Here's the info for it though:
One of the real secret of beautiful skin is to improve the skin's health. Collagen is vital component of skin structure that necessary to support a healthy skin. Collagen is responsible for the skin's elasticity, moisture and suppleness. Skin tends to sag as we grow older because the amount of collagen is decreased and not renewed as often. Replenish the lost collagen is the key to maintain a firm and beautiful skin. 
Dr.Herba Collagen Essence is a facial treatment with collagen to reduce wrinkles and enhance moisture level of the skin. It gives you remarkably more youthful and wrinkle-free appearance in just one treatment.
Collagen is the secret to beautiful skin. As we age, our natural store of collagen is gradually depleted, leaving skin lack of elasticity and suppleness. Replenish the lost collagen is the key to maintain a young looking skin. High quality collagen will help to restore your youthful glow from within.
How to use itPump 1-2 times to dispense a proper amount (around 0.5ml) to palm. Applied to skin after using lotion. Your may wipe, pat and press for better absorption. Follow with moisturizer and eye care.

I'm pretty excited to use it though :] Even though I'm young, and my genes naturally keep me younger looking than I already am, I'm actually concentrating on having firm skin already. So it definitely won't hurt to try this :] If I see any difference or improvement, I'll let you guys know!

And while I'm at it, here's the review for my brown lenses!
I had the pictures stored away and decided to just go ahead and put them together. These were NOT sponsored. I bought these at PinkyParadise last year.

Color/Pattern - 5/5
This is my favorite natural lens and brown lens I've ever owned. I've had Dollyeye Brown and Max Pure Brown, and now Puffy 3 Tone Brown! Those three lenses are very different in pattern and color. Out of all of them, this is the most natural pattern and design and has the loveliest color. I really love the reddish color in the center of the lens. It gives it character and depth. I've actually had someone tell me my eyes look like marble :3 These lenses looked GREAT with my auburn/brown hair.

Enlargement - 5/5
As I've said above, these will fill up your eyes! Don't be fooled by my big eyes xD I've got a huge head so all my features are just as big . ____."

Comfort - 5/5
I wear these ones most out of any of my lenses and they are terrific!

Overall - 5/5
Once again, I LOVE this series. I have no complaints of any that I've had!

Alrighty, that's it for now! Thanks for reading ♡

L'Oreal Excellence HiColor HiLights for Dark Hair Only Review

This products definitely lifts my black hair, which is wonderful. It kept my hair nice and shiny because it wasn't bleached. I tried three different shades. I believe they were Intense Red to completely get rid of the green hair I had, Deep Auburn Red to see if they'd match my Auburn Luxy Extensions, and Copper Red to see if they'd match my extensions better. I had different results with each.

The Intense Red worked the best out of all the ones I tried. The pictures above are the results of this dye. I followed the instructions and got the results I needed which was to completely mute the green out of my hair. Also, as you can see, my black roots turned into a nice dark red color but is still very shiny and soft!

The next color, Deep Auburn Red, wasn't as impressive. It only lightly lifted my black hair to a very deep red/brown. There wasn't a huge difference but at the very least it made the transition of color in my hair look nice. Here's how it looked below.

Now the Copper Red, I had a pretty horrible experience with that one.
I thought my head was getting sensitive to hair products because the moment this dye touched my head, it had this weird minty/burning feeling. I had to TOUGH it out to keep it in my hair for the time it needed to develop and in the end, it was just like the Deep Auburn Red but darker. It didn't lift as much as I wanted. So I was pretty disappointed but I was glad it was at least out of my hair. I was not a happy camper though.

However, I recently bleached my hair to go back to pink hair and it didn't burn or anything. So, I don't know what's in the ingredients or what in the Copper Red but if I ever go back to auburn I am NEVER using that one again.

So make sure you do test patches when you use any hair color lifting products.
This is the first time I've ever had such a horrible experience with hair dying products x ___x

Otherwise, this is a great alternative to bleach and you skip the step of dying it. One tube was enough to touch up my roots if it was under an inch long. They only have natural colors in red, blondes, and browns. I haven't tried the blondes or browns so I don't know how well they would work. I'm sure the brown works great but I've no say on the blonde.

Jumily Lash Review: 1, 3, and 5

Was looking through some files and forgot I had these!
At the very least I'll make a review from the pictures I do have.

I purchased these lashes from PinkyParadise.
They have a wide range of brands for false lashes!

I picked these three because Maiko is one of my favorite models and I love her look, so I had to try them! A friend of mine ordered the No.04. Check out her review here.

I really loved these lashes but they were VERY fragile and thin. They were warped and disheveled the fastest. They were lovely, natural, and feathery though. I found similar looking lashes at Sally's Beauty Supply. I may try those to see if this style of lashes are just fragile in general. I wore these more than the others. That's probably another reason why they were the first to go! Haha!
When I had them I didn't take many pictures because my camera just didn't do them any justice. If you search for some pictures of Takahashi Maiko, this is one of the lashes she wears often and I can understand why :] They give enough depth even for taking pictures, but aren't exaggerated and can be worn during the day and night.

Pros: natural, beautiful
Cons: weak, fragile.

Loved these lashes too! It's a great in between for natural and exaggerated. It's thick and long enough to make an expression but the pattern is natural enough to not look heavy. But as the No.01, these were also weak and fragile but not as bad. These lasted longer.

Here's a recent picture of me with the lashes on that I took with my iPhone 4S!
Just lashes and eyeliner.
(The camera on the outside is FANTASTIC.
I think I'll start blogging with it after I get used to using it.
I hold it weird so it's awkward taking pictures, haha.
And yeah, went back to pink xD)

Pros: natural but dark enough for day and night looks
Cons: weak

Can I say I loved these too? LOL. I take hard consideration of things I buy online so I better love them!  They're easy to lose though since they're tiny and are in pieces. That's pretty much my only complaint with them. I really liked wearing bottom lashes because my real bottom lashes are thin.

No lashes. Just liner and mascara. Very thin lashes!

Since I like definition, putting on lashes is just the key. Though I only like wearing Jumily No.05 with Dolly Wink #8 Pure Little because it transitions better for the way I like to do makeup on my eye shape.

Left, with both bottom lashes. Right, no bottom lashes.
(I'm wearing Dolly Wink #2 lashes on the top for anyone curious.
That's my absolute favorite lash I've ever tried.)
Pros: creates definition and illusion of naturally long lashes
Cons: easy to lose

Thanks for stopping by! ♡