L'Oreal Excellence HiColor HiLights for Dark Hair Only Review

This products definitely lifts my black hair, which is wonderful. It kept my hair nice and shiny because it wasn't bleached. I tried three different shades. I believe they were Intense Red to completely get rid of the green hair I had, Deep Auburn Red to see if they'd match my Auburn Luxy Extensions, and Copper Red to see if they'd match my extensions better. I had different results with each.

The Intense Red worked the best out of all the ones I tried. The pictures above are the results of this dye. I followed the instructions and got the results I needed which was to completely mute the green out of my hair. Also, as you can see, my black roots turned into a nice dark red color but is still very shiny and soft!

The next color, Deep Auburn Red, wasn't as impressive. It only lightly lifted my black hair to a very deep red/brown. There wasn't a huge difference but at the very least it made the transition of color in my hair look nice. Here's how it looked below.

Now the Copper Red, I had a pretty horrible experience with that one.
I thought my head was getting sensitive to hair products because the moment this dye touched my head, it had this weird minty/burning feeling. I had to TOUGH it out to keep it in my hair for the time it needed to develop and in the end, it was just like the Deep Auburn Red but darker. It didn't lift as much as I wanted. So I was pretty disappointed but I was glad it was at least out of my hair. I was not a happy camper though.

However, I recently bleached my hair to go back to pink hair and it didn't burn or anything. So, I don't know what's in the ingredients or what in the Copper Red but if I ever go back to auburn I am NEVER using that one again.

So make sure you do test patches when you use any hair color lifting products.
This is the first time I've ever had such a horrible experience with hair dying products x ___x

Otherwise, this is a great alternative to bleach and you skip the step of dying it. One tube was enough to touch up my roots if it was under an inch long. They only have natural colors in red, blondes, and browns. I haven't tried the blondes or browns so I don't know how well they would work. I'm sure the brown works great but I've no say on the blonde.

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