Diamond Lash Series 2 - No. 1 Glamorous Eye Review

Awhile back I got my package from Shoppingholics that I ordered.
They included two free gifts :3
These lashes are really thick but flexible enough to shape. I'm not very kind to my lashes and tend to just rip them apart from pulling glue off impatiently but these have sustained with my carelessness. They can take a beating and last quite a bit :]

Length + Volume
I've noticed that the lashes I get from asian brands tend to be longer in length than the ones I buy here in the U.S. I much prefer it though because it fits my eye better and creates a sleeker look to my eyes. As for the volume, you can see that these are very drastic and long. They're very animated looking when blinking. I gave a pair to my sister and I just stare at her eyes when she blinks, haha!

They're obviously not meant to look natural but I love the combination they've used for this lash. Below the dramatic part of the lash, they've got a criss-crossing pattern that blends better with my natural eyelashes.

These do feel a little heavy and stiff due to the thickness of the lashes.

 I've been obsessed with these lately so I wear them during the day and night x]
Here's a few pictures I've taken since I got them :]

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