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 Just sharing some things that I've gotten recently and a few that I've been meaning to post. I also randomly get questions of where I shop and where I get certain items. I think I'll start making posts of items that I'm eyeing? Dunno. What do you guys want? Haha! Let me know :]

On to the post...
Jacket - Steps $15.99
I was surprised to find a jacket at $15.99 in this style! I've always wanted one but being in Florida there's only a week's worth of really cold weather every year so I never bothered to buy a jacket. I got this just in case x]

Skull Top/Dress - valuefashionshop (eBay) $17.99
This shirt feels just as it looks costumey but I wear it anyways xD I think it's cute but I don't think a lot of people would be thrilled of it's quality. It's pretty much the same in the shop pictures as it is in person but I think they clipped it or tailored it for the model because it doesn't have any shape. It's a One Size but it's very stretchy and can fit XS-S/2-8 from their site information.
I wear it as a dress because I'm that short xD But I still wear shorts underneath because it's still pretty darn short. For most it would be a top. Also, it has little shoulder pads in it. I'm not one for shoulder pads, especially since I already have broad shoulders but I actually quite like it. It gives more shape. 
The fabric is really thin but it's the kind that makes you heat up real quick too.

Skirt - eBay $13
I'm never buying from this place again. Shipping took forever and even though I don't mind replicas, the quality of this was too disappointing. I still wear it, but it's not my favorite. It's made of wool, it's thick, it's heavy, it's also very stretchy so the waist expands but I don't know how far. I was expecting it to be more comfortable and airy because of the weather here. This is best suited for winter time which I'll gladly use since I still like wearing skirts when it's cold x]

Top - Steps $6.99
I don't have very many tops so I was pretty pleased to have found this at such an awesome price :3 It's uber comfortable and light.

Mickey Mouse Sunglasses - eBay $10
Got these for going to Disneyworld x] It's too bad they're so heavy though! But they're heavy duty for blocking the sun. They're really dark when you have the lenses down. If you want a pair just search Mickey Mouse Sunglasses on eBay. The prices range for each seller.

I got this awhile ago but I never made a post about it. It's a little wrinkly cause when I washed it I was careless and let it dry all funky. Just excuse that x3
Anywhooo, this is a great item for making instant Peter Pan collar dresses! It's pretty dandy. It changes the look of my outfit when I put it on. The only unfortunate part is that I haven't a way to anchor it to my clothes so it moves around. If you get "fashion tape" it'll settle wherever you tape it to.

(I forgot the prices, so I'm just guessing.)
Black Metal Necklace - Bealls Outlet $4
I like to stop by once in awhile to see if they have anything pretty to buy.
A lot of their jewelry is between $2-$5. It's hit and miss every time I go though.
This was golden though. It's sooo beautiful * A*

Doll Necklace - Forever 21 $13
Got this last winter so it's been awhile. It's one of my favorite necklaces :3 It's so cute!
I still consider it new because it continues to bring joy to my heart xD

Gold Tassel Necklace - Gift
Got this as a Christmas gift a couple years back and it's still one of my favorite necklaces :D 

Golden Skull Necklace - Icing by Claire's $13
Can't remember how long I've had this but it's been only a few months I believe.
Also one of my favorite necklaces! I wear it to church a lot :3

Got little nail polish bottles from Sally's cause the glitter was pretty . ____.
I haven't done glittery in a LOOONG time because it's such a pain to take off but I couldn't help myself Dx They're nice :3 My sister has the same nails too xD

I've been meaning to post these too.
Hair Clips
As gifts my friend sent me these beautiful swarovski crystal hair clips! They're crazy beautiful in person and super shiny. She works at a SoHo kiosk so she gots tha deals B]

Qupid Shoes
And my Quipid shoes that I got awhile ago. I never made a post about them. I've worn them well enough to know that they're my favorite shoes to wear. They're pretty comfy with the right socks and the difference between the heel and platform is comfortable for me. Got these from LuLu's.

This one's random! My husband got this and it's actually hella fun if you're into games that require patience and thinking x] We played it with his parents for an hour or more. It took forever for anyone to start making real damage. I don't know who else would play this with us, hahaha!

My room was messy so you get a background of crystals :3
Uhg, I still can't get over posting full body pictures of me . ___.

This was a new top too (kinda, from November), I forgot.
It was $23 from Papaya.
Once again, I'm short so I wear it as a dress . ___.
It looks a lot better, to me, when it's belted than when it's all flowy and swooshy.

I don't think I posted this either. This was over a week ago.
Okay, that's all :]

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