Kariss FP708 Wig Review

I actually got this wig awhile ago but I can't remember which eBay store I got it from.
Just search up Kariss FP708 Wig and results will pop up.
Just remember to check their reliability and feedback ;3

Type: Synthetic, Full Wig

Style: Wavy

Color: Dark Brown with a slight red undertone

Length: Long, from the tips of the bangs to the tips of the hair it's 28"

Quality: It kind of feels like processed hair. Dryish but at least it doesn't feel like plastic. It sort of shines like plastic but only under direct sunlight though the color kind of makes it look like it's just super shiny hair, haha. When I wore it out someone asked if I was just wearing extensions x] So I guess it's pretty believable :]
It does get messy but you can brush it out. Just don't let it sit and rat up or else you'll be sitting there for awhile brushing it out and pulling out the hairs. Though there is a looot of hair.

Thickness: This has full coverage so your hair won't be peeking through the back. That'll only happen if you don't properly tuck your hair into a wig cap. There's quite a bit of hair and the thickness of the strands themselves are pretty thick and sturdy but don't compare them to real hair. If you part it in the back, it will show through though so part it thoughtfully if you want to style it up or something.

Shape: The hair is flat on top so if you like volume, you'll have to work that in there but it's difficult due to the length and it easily rats up at the bottom. The waves are pretty consistent throughout the wig but there are some parts that are just flat. It's mainly flat around the head and then the rest is wavy.

Wearability: It's a very long wig so it's kind of hard to wear it around with fear of it being pulled right off my head x] It's pretty comfy though but as most wigs, it's still kinda itchy with your hair just sitting in there . ___.

I really enjoy wearing this wig cause it's purdy and dolly :3
I'm thinking about getting the Flaxen Yellow version!
Guess for what?
Possibly a future cosplay of Taiga Aisaka and just for fun :D
(I realize I don't look like Taiga but I lub her and ToraDora ; ____;)

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