Review: Ardell Invisiband Eye Lashes Wispies Black

These are a little fragile and need some taking care of in order to last longer.

Length + Volume
For comparison, I took a picture of them with my Diamond Lash Glamorous Eye falsies.
The blue line is the same length on both lashes.
Every asian brand lashes that I've bought are longer than the ones I buy here in the US.
This lash has a natural length that covers enough to make an effect. The volume is about the same as the other lashes pictured but since they're different designs, they don't give the same thick appearance.

These are really lovely natural lashes :3 Whether you have nice lashes or thin ones like mine, these blend in really well and add enough depth without overdoing it. Great for day wear!

I don't feel them at all when I wear them. They're very light and the band they're attached to is thin.

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