Sponsored: Japan Barbie Eye Diamond Brown Circle Lens Review

They let me pick out what I'd like to review so this is strictly based by my own experience and opinions.

The color is yellow instead of brown and it isn't very vibrant but this lens is more about the design than the color. In certain lightings it does look very jewel and diamond like :] My sister and husband both said it's gives off a glimmering appearance. Like a literal spark in your eyes ;]
This is one of those lenses that look better with makeup because the design is very costume-like but it is named for it's design! The more I wore them, the more I liked them but I definitely prefer wearing them at night and in artificial lighting. That's where they shine the best. It's not for daily wear for me though.

I'm not sure if it's really 17.5mm even though it says so on the label. These are definitely good for enlargement but my Pretty Crystal Pink lenses are slightly bigger and they're 15mm. Sooo, I don't really know what to believe, LOL. I tried a lens that's 14.5mm with one of these in as well and the Diamond Brown was just a bit bigger. So maybe they're really 15mm. All I know is this is definitely a lens for enlargement.

Comfort - 3/5
I started feeling a little bit of dryness in an hour of wear, though this is typical for lenses that are bigger. I didn't use any drops until a few hours though. Unless you don't get dry eyes easy, these aren't great for daily wear but if you like the look it'd be good for special events or going out at night. Something for just a few hours so that your eyes don't get too uncomfortable, especially since this looks better with makeup. Applying eyedrops could potentially lead to smudging your makeup if it's not waterproof. I didn't use eyedrops for another few hours after, so keep some eye drops on you! Otherwise, they're not too bad :]

Over All
I'm pretty happy with these lenses :] Even though they're not the most comfortable out of all the ones I've had, they're super pretty and unique.

Aside the lenses themselves, the package it comes in is amazing!
I got so confused when I received my package because there was a box inside. When I get lenses they're normally in a tiny box just big enough for the two little bottles the lenses come in. When I opened it, I found this little figurine!

There are three different figurines. I suppose they send it at random or something since they didn't advertise the packaging underneath the information of this lens on their website. So it's a nice little surprise indeed :3
It also came with little tools to help take out the lenses!

It's also a travel kit, if you couldn't already tell :3
The ears and head pops off, haha! The ears are little lens cases!
 They put so much work into this brand!

 And of course, every pair of lenses you buy from Shoppingholics, you get a cute free contact case! I got blue fishies this time :]

I also used Diamond Lashes Series 2 - No.1 Glamorous Eye in this review. I figured since my old lashes were falling apart and I was getting these lenses, I might as well buy some Diamond Lashes! I'll be doing a review on these ASAP!

Gotta love new lashes :3 ♥

And new hair! LOL.
Yeah, I cut it off and went back to my natural color. I got tired of taking care of it. I love long, magical hair but I've got more important priorities than my hair right now x]

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