makeup tutorial: Spring "FAIRY" + outfits

I haven't worn bottom lashes in a long time so they're applied kinda wonky x[
My friend, Leena, actually surprised me with these in the mail!

Used: Shinny Brown a.k.a. Puffy 3 Tone Brown circle lens, Manly Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette, Diamond Lash Glamorous Eye, NYC Skyrise Lengthening Mascara - other items I forget xD

My current nails. They're much prettier in person x]
Glitter is so hard for me to take pictures of!
They make me feel magical :3

And here are a few outfits that I haven't posted before :0
Those are new headbands too! I got them all from Claire's.
I've wanted a flower wreath for awhile now so I'm glad they had a pretty cute one :3
The cherry headband is also fun and interesting. It's kinda huge and out there for my personal taste but it's really cuuuute. My husband actually picked it out :D ♥
It's like I have a permanent side lean xD

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