Review: Almay Intense i-Color Liquid Liner in Black Pearl + Femme Couture Black Liquid Eyeliner

Accidentally got these to be honest. LOL.
I needed a new black liquid liner and I kept getting the wrong ones.
One is shimmery, which I wanted a matte liquid liner.
The other one has a brush tip, and I only like felt tip xD
Might as well, let you know about them.
Smudged it across my skin.

Almay Intense i-Color Liquid Liner Black Pearl
Bought at Target, I think it was around $4.
Even though I didn't intend to buy this, I'm glad I did!
(I didn't read what it was before buying . ___.")
It's really lovely to use with matte black liner to create a slightly different effect for cat eye looks and it stays really well but washes off easy :3 When smudged it does leave a glittery residue.
The reason why I prefer felt tip is cause it's easier to use. It's like using a marker, it's stable if you have steady hands and you can control the thickness of the line because the tip comes to a point.

Femme Couture Black Liquid Liner
Bought at Sally's Beauty Supply, about $4 too.
This is a decent liquid liner but I do like how dark it is. I'd continue using it if it weren't for the brush tip.
Brush tips are harder to use because they're not as stable and the tip doesn't come to a point. It's flat, which is hard to use when wanting to create the perfect end to your eye liner.
It stays well but it smudges really easily and washes easily.

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