Sponsored: EOS Candy Pink Circle Lens

These lenses were sponsored by Shoppingholics! I got to pick them out myself :3
I took pictures right before I started feeling sick so the next review for Candy Magic Barbie King Size Circle Brown will come when I'm back to 100%! Hopefully that's very soon!
Any lens that I pick out have prescription cause I have bad eyesight LOL.
If you're interested, you can buy EOS Candy Pink here!

The design is basic but really bold because of how opaque the lens is and the thickness of the limbal ring. The color is amaaazing! Looking at them in the vial or in the contact lens case they look like they wouldn't show through that well but they're super bright even when it's dark. The middle of the lens has a beautiful gradient which I feel like it will work well for any color eyes since it blends in instead of abruptly stopping.

These look extra big because of the limbal ring. If you've got small eyes, these will be extremely dramatic :0

EOS has always been my favorite brand for comfort :3 Regardless of size, they're always comfortable for me. Also because of the design I can see clearly instead of seeing the sides of the design as you can with some other lenses where the pupil hole is tinier.

Over All
Though these are pretty extreme, I'm pretty comfortable wearing them casually because they look so darn pretty :3 I wear these with minimal makeup or with more heavy makeup like in the pictures! They're just pretty and magical x]
I also think these would be GREAAAT for cosplay for characters such as Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki!

ALSO, ALSO! If you didn't already know!
If you purchase lenses from Shoppingholics, take pictures of yourself with them on and you can enter their monthly photo contest!

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