Sponsored Review: Candy Magic Barbie King Size Circle Brown

Hello everyone! :DDD The giveaway is very, very soon at it's end! I think it's rather suiting to do my circle lens reviews right now x] Also, Shoppingholics has graciously provided me a discount code which you can use to shave off $2 off your order :0 It's off to the left if you ever want to use it :] ♥

These were the other lenses Shoppingholics let me choose to do a review on!
Thank you again and again ♥♥♥

As you guys can seeeee, I've changed the layout of my circle lens reviews again! :D
I'm much happier with this because I can provide you how it looks in different lighting and how it looks further, closer, and from the side. I'm putting a lot of work into these since they're sponsored and I just want to thank them by putting 100% towards it! Plus, I think it looks cuter this way x]

On to the review!

(such a mouthful e ___e)
It's available here and it also comes with prescription up to -10.00.
They've also got blue, grey, green, and violet in stock!

Sorry for the tired eyes x] I'm still congested and coughing! Blah x[
The lens themselves look light but on dark brown eyes like mine, they're not very apparent unless you're in bright light. The pattern is unusual but interesting. I had these in pink awhile ago and I loooooved them but they were more lighter than these brown ones. I think these look best in lighting close to sunlight because they give off a stained glass kind of look, such as in the 4th picture. (Different lighting makes me look paler or tanner by the way. It's weeeird 0 ___o') 
They're also a grey-brown color on my dark brown eyes instead of the sweet honey-like color the lens appears to be. I'm sure it varies depending on what your eye color may be. If you have light brown eyes  these might look more true to color of the lens instead of a greyish-brown like on me.

Yet another thick black limbal ring :0 Which makes the lens appear bigger. Definitely good for enlargement :] Anything with 14.5mm tends to lend an enlarging effect.

Very comfy! Just like the pink versions I had of these, this one didn't give me any problems. I actually rarely have to use eye drops with these but it's always safer to have some on you :3 They're not thick so you get used to them in your eyes.

Over All
Personally, I think I'll need some time to fall in love with these for myself. I'd prefer them to be lighter but they look really nice with my red hair so I like that at least x] I'd recommend these if you want to start off with a natural color but with a hint of uniqueness.

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