Sponsored Review: Fynale J01 Honoo Violet Circle Lens

Helloooooo! Thank you to Shoppingholics for sending me these lenses :D
I didn't choose these myself this time around but my review is still strictly based on my opinion and experience.

Fynale J01 Honoo also comes:
Black, Pink, Brown, Grey, Blue, Green, and Red.

I was sent the Violet lenses!

Sponsored Review: Diamond Lash Series 4 - No. 1 Girly Eye False Eyelashes

Thank you to Shoppingholics for providing me these lashes to review!
This review is strictly by my own opinions and experience.
The specific pair of lashes I used to take pictures for this review are still the very first ones I started using nearly a month ago and they look exactly the same as the others in the tray. They feel fragile but they can take a bit of roughing up if you're typically not gentle with your lashes.

Length + Volume
These lashes are a normal length. They're not too long to where you have to cut them, unless you have smaller eyes. Because of the design, it doesn't provide a lot of volume except at the end where it's longer.
The awesome thing I find about these too is that they're short enough to wear with glasses! My natural lashes touch my glasses when I blink so that would mean I can't wear false lashes cause then they'd be wiping against my glasses, haha! These lashes are so short in the middle that they don't touch them :]
Unfortunately, I haven't taken pictures, but it's awesome!

The inner end of the lashes are very short and your own lashes could possibly exceed the length so I'd recommend applying mascara if you wear foundation to cover the makeup that's attached to your eyelashes. The lashes gradually become longer and thicker. The focal point of these lashes are the ends where they are very long and they even become thicker.
I wouldn't say these are natural, but they certainly look classy to me and not over the top. Perfect lashes for summer time I think! Not too heavy but they give they still give a good impression :]

The only time they are uncomfortable is when I put them on wrong. Otherwise they're very light and the rim of the lashes are flexible and thin.

So here are a few pictures I've taken with me wearing these lashes.
If you make your eyeliner heavier at the outer corner of your eye,
the lashes will also look thicker at the outer corner.

Lastly, in my "DAILY" make up tutorial, I used these lashes as an example!
You can see how much of a difference they make but they aren't so dramatic that you can't wear them during the day if you're conscious about heavy lashes.

Sponsored Review: Super Pinky Grey + Wine Red Circle Lenses

Hello, hello, again! I got these over a week or so ago from Shoppingholics!
Thanks again, Shoppingholics ♥♥♥
I picked these lenses out myself and I've worn them a good number of times to get a feel for them.
This review is strictly based by my own experiences and opinions.

This time around I got the Super Pinky Grey and Super Pinky Wine Red circle lenses.
They're also available in plano and prescription along with the other colors:
blue, green, violet, hazel, and brown.

If you're a first time circle lens wearer, please make sure you know your prescription if you have one and do your research into caring for circle lenses and what shops are safe to buy from!

makeup tutorial: Lorina's "DAILY" + "NOSE CONTOURING"

Heylo! It's been awhile x] Bwahahah!
It's been forever ago since I've been asked how I do my daily makeup so here it is!

It's super duper easy and simple.
I even added my nose contouring, blush, and lips in this one.

Post by [HYSTERICMINT]: How Defective Circle Lenses Damaged My Eyes

As you know, I wear circle lenses and many other people do as well. A blogger that I follow recently posted an entry titled, "How Defective Circle Lenses Damaged My Eyes"

She didn't abuse her eyes in any way. She keeps her lenses clean and she doesn't over use them or anything. She was given defective lenses.

If you wear lenses or have been thinking about wearing them, please read this post and be careful of where you buy your lenses from. This isn't to scare you away or force you to stop, but to be very careful of your choices.

If you're unsure of where to buy from, you can talk to the people on this forum: The Official Circle Lens Thread on Gaia, or follow the blog of the thread owner, Occasionally Cute which majority of her posts are of circle lenses! She's an awesome person and very nice! But at the thread, they have a list of shops where people have bought from and even a list of shops where you shouldn't buy from. However, it's better to be cautious and to exchange emails with the owners if you're unsure of their products but want more information.

I've only worn lenses from Shoppingholics, Pinkyparadise, and Honeycolor for the years that I've been wearing them and have had no irritations except for when I personally decide to wear them longer than suggested or if my eyes are becoming dry.

Just make sure you clean your lenses properly. Renew the solution every time you use them and if not in use, renew them every month. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the lenses. Make sure the lenses are properly cleaned so that there's no build up. Every one to three months either get new lens cases or thoroughly clean the cases. Use a solution and eye drops that's best for your eyes to reduce dryness, if any. Don't wear them too long or too often, your eyes need to breathe. Also, if you feel ANY discomfort at all, take them out immediately and check if there's anything on the lens such as a speck of dust or a tear in the lens. Don't force yourself to wear them until they're comfortable. It won't work. Take them out, clean them, let them soak over night if need be and try again. If they continue to be uncomfortable and you don't know why, just throw them away.

Remember, these are little pieces of plastic we're putting in our eyes. Regardless if they're regular lenses or circle lenses, take care of them, yourself, and make sure you're purchasing them from a good and honest company.