makeup tutorial: Lorina's "DAILY" + "NOSE CONTOURING"

Heylo! It's been awhile x] Bwahahah!
It's been forever ago since I've been asked how I do my daily makeup so here it is!

It's super duper easy and simple.
I even added my nose contouring, blush, and lips in this one.

Used: Super Pinky Red circle lenses, Sally's Brow Powder, NYX Skyrise Lengthening Mascara, Manly Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette (black matte, brown for contouring, and blush colors)

Very simple, but pretty!
It's super easy and quick if you only do your eyes.
I've been really loooving these red lenses with my red hair!☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆
I'll have the Super Pinky Grey and Red lens reviews up tomorrow!
The purple lens and the Diamond Lash Girly Eye lashes will come next week!

What makes it time consuming is setting up my face.
So here is a Nose Contouring tutorial!

And here are a few outfits I've worn.
I hope this big post makes up for the lack of solid posts I've made x] Ahaha!

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