Me And My Red Hair!

I've been asked what dyes I use and how I did it.
So, here's a post dedicated to my red hair for you!

These are the products I use to keep up with my red hair!
- L'OREAL Excellence HiColor Reds for Dark Hair Only
- 30 Volume Developer
- NRAGE Crimson Red
- NRAGE Bubble Gum Pink
- Manic Panic Vampire Red

Firstly, let's go through a recent history of my hair color.
In January I had bright pink hair! Before that I had brown/auburn hair which I needed to lift and bleach in order to get my pink hair. In February, I cut it all off, stopped wearing extensions, and went back to my natural hair color! In March I did one half of my hair an ash blonde, which I had to lift the black hair dye with Color Zapp, bleach my roots, and tone it to get the ash tone. Then technically late March, I dyed my hair red and got rid of the rest of the black in my hair!
Now we know all that, let's start with how I do my roots!
I use L'OREAL Excellence HiColor Intense Red.
They have other shades available that I try out once in awhile but I just tend to grab this one.

Remember, this is for dark hair only. I used it on my blonde hair in March before I went red and it didn't stay in very well. It actually faded fast! This product has a lifting agent in it, that's why it turns dark hair a different shade without bleaching. So skip this product if you have light hair. It won't mean it'll stay in longer.
To use this product, you need to buy a separate 30 Volume Developer. Inside the box comes with two tubes. The big one is the creme dye and the smaller one is the "Red Intensifier". Make sure you wear gloves cause that little tube of red packs A LOT of stain power!
With 2.5 oz of the 30 Volume Developer, you just mix or shake everything together!
The instructions say you can put it in a bottle, but I honestly prefer to put it in a bowl and mix it and apply it with a brush. I've tried both ways a couple times and I just feel I get better coverage and stay cleaner with a brush.
This is how it looks with the product in my hair. My roots already look red but don't be deceived!
Don't wash it off too soon if you have very dark and resistant hair like mine. You may need to try this product a few times before you understand how long you need to keep it in for your own hair.
The box says to keep it in for 45 minutes. I need to keep it in for over an hour.
Typically an hour and a half.
As you can see above, the Crimson Red faded purely red on me! For some people it fades pink but this dye really sticks in my hair. Every time I wash it, it still bleeds though.
I applied the L'OREAL Excellence HiColor on my roots but I have a hard time just apply it only to my roots so it went further down and covered about two inches of my hair. It gives a nice gradient though.
This is where the NRAGE Bubble Gum Pink comes in!
As you can see in this picture, there's a separation of color between my real hair and my extensions.
Because my hair is still short, the L'OREAL Excellence HiColor Intense Red reached to the ends of my hair. It's a bright but dark red. To balance out the color, I have to mix in the NRAGE Bubble Gum Pink.
Since my hair is short I have to wait for it to fade a little. For longer hair, it'll work fine to do it on the same day. I keep dyes like NRAGE and Manic Panic in my hair for over an hour as well. Sometimes up to two hours.
The red extensions I'm using now were the ones that were pink in January. I used the Manic Panic Vampire Red on top of my pink extensions which was a mix of NRAGE Bubble Gum Pink, Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink, and Manic Panic Electric Lizard. In person it was a salmon-pink highlighter color.

And there you have it :0 How I do my red hair!
As for upkeep, I don't wash my hair often. Maybe every few days.
When I do, I wash it with cool water and I don't leave the shampoo in for long.
I don't have any special shampoo or products to keep red in. This dye just works really well for me and L'OREAL Excellence HiColor doesn't wash out. It lifts your hair to that color. The brilliance of the color may fade but it won't go back to your natural hair color!

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  1. So when you retouch your red hair what are the steps.. Do you do the same?