Sponsored Review: Diamond Lash Series 4 - No. 1 Girly Eye False Eyelashes

Thank you to Shoppingholics for providing me these lashes to review!
This review is strictly by my own opinions and experience.
The specific pair of lashes I used to take pictures for this review are still the very first ones I started using nearly a month ago and they look exactly the same as the others in the tray. They feel fragile but they can take a bit of roughing up if you're typically not gentle with your lashes.

Length + Volume
These lashes are a normal length. They're not too long to where you have to cut them, unless you have smaller eyes. Because of the design, it doesn't provide a lot of volume except at the end where it's longer.
The awesome thing I find about these too is that they're short enough to wear with glasses! My natural lashes touch my glasses when I blink so that would mean I can't wear false lashes cause then they'd be wiping against my glasses, haha! These lashes are so short in the middle that they don't touch them :]
Unfortunately, I haven't taken pictures, but it's awesome!

The inner end of the lashes are very short and your own lashes could possibly exceed the length so I'd recommend applying mascara if you wear foundation to cover the makeup that's attached to your eyelashes. The lashes gradually become longer and thicker. The focal point of these lashes are the ends where they are very long and they even become thicker.
I wouldn't say these are natural, but they certainly look classy to me and not over the top. Perfect lashes for summer time I think! Not too heavy but they give they still give a good impression :]

The only time they are uncomfortable is when I put them on wrong. Otherwise they're very light and the rim of the lashes are flexible and thin.

So here are a few pictures I've taken with me wearing these lashes.
If you make your eyeliner heavier at the outer corner of your eye,
the lashes will also look thicker at the outer corner.

Lastly, in my "DAILY" make up tutorial, I used these lashes as an example!
You can see how much of a difference they make but they aren't so dramatic that you can't wear them during the day if you're conscious about heavy lashes.

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