Sponsored Review: Super Pinky Grey + Wine Red Circle Lenses

Hello, hello, again! I got these over a week or so ago from Shoppingholics!
Thanks again, Shoppingholics ♥♥♥
I picked these lenses out myself and I've worn them a good number of times to get a feel for them.
This review is strictly based by my own experiences and opinions.

This time around I got the Super Pinky Grey and Super Pinky Wine Red circle lenses.
They're also available in plano and prescription along with the other colors:
blue, green, violet, hazel, and brown.

If you're a first time circle lens wearer, please make sure you know your prescription if you have one and do your research into caring for circle lenses and what shops are safe to buy from!

These are supah opaque! If you want solid and clear color, these would be it! They also try to imitate a more natural pattern of the iris but because they're bigger lenses, the pixelation is a bit more obvious from the way I see it.

Grey Lens - When I first put these on they were really shocking because they were very bright. They won't look dark grey even on dark eyes light mine. They're just as bright in the pictures as they are in person. Sometimes in certain lighting they can appear slightly bluish. You can still see these from afar and look pretty natural at a distance. The closer you look, the more obvious they are.

Red Lens - I loooooooooooove these so much! They color is beautiful! I like how these aren't a hot red. They're toned down and darkened slightly making them appear a bit more natural but they're still obviously red. I think the pattern of the lens suits this color really well and it blends nicely with my own eyes. If I could have this color as my real eye color I'd be all for it x]

When I got these, I kept thinking they were 14.5mm and when I put them in I was all, "These are huge!" They are definitely 15.0mm! You can tell by the comparison shots that they're a drastic size. Once again, I have a big head, therefore all my features are bigger too xD So, these lenses are veeery big!

This is the unfortunate part. When I wear them, I can constantly feel them. They're not as thin as my other 15.0mm lenses so I think that's why. It's not a feeling I can't handle and it doesn't hurt. I'm just aware that I'm wearing them. Because of this, I only prefer to wear these for a short time and would wear them for things like pictures and cosplaying.
As for drying, I do remember having to use drops quite a bit but I'm not sure if it's because my eyes were drying or it was because the lenses themselves were just kinda annoying feeling.

Over All
In the end, I'm still happy I tried these because I really love the red lenses a LOT and I hope I can find something similar that's more comfortable and a bit smaller.

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