makeup tutorial: Park Bom "GO AWAY" Japanese MV


So here is a Park Bom inspired makeup tutorial :D
I figured while I still had red hair I ought to do one of her looks!
I hope you guys like it ♡

I actually quite like this look. I wish I had the right lashes to do it!

Used: Candy Magic Barbie King Size Circle Brown circle lens, Mary Kay makeup palette, Glamorous Eye False Eyelashes, Lower False Eyelashes unknown (gifted item).

The focal point of this look, I would say, are the bottom lashes and the extended line at the outer corner of the eye.

To really get the look of the bottom lashes that Bom is wearing in the MV,
I would suggest using Dolly Wink Eyelashes No.6 Baby Cute!

You can see that they are thicker on the outside becoming gradually thinner.
Versus the lashes I used which are more for an even and natural look.
Mine are very short and repeat the same pattern.

For top lashes, I would recommend something more natural in pattern than the lash I used. If you look at her eyes versus my eyes, the Glamorous Eye lash is very dramatic where as hers are softer and blend into her makeup. Bom looks like she's wearing a natural patterned lash but still thicker than a natural looking lash.

It was really hot that day so I didn't really take many pictures Dx'
You can kinda see how I'm still trying to take a nice picture but I've given up xD
Sooo, here are some cuddle pictures with my cat xDDDD

Also, if anyone knows who made the GIFs,
please let me know so I can credit them!


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