New Sponsor/Giveaway + Review: i.Fairy Casper Grey Circle Lens

Hello, everyone!
It's been awhile x] but I've got lots of posts in the works!

Let me introduce you to my new sponsor, Lens Village!
They certainly have a very wide selection of circle lenses at terrific prices.
Thank you, Lens Village for sponsoring me!

Oh, goodness, I feel so blessed ♡ I could never express how thankful I am for all those who have sponsored me.

So let's start!
Lens Village has one of the fastest shipping I've ever seen when buying lenses :0
It arrived in a little over a week. Normally, from the other sites I order from it takes about 2 or more weeks. They definitely have the upper hand in that department, as well as prices!

They sent me the i.Fairy Casper Grey circle lens wich also comes in:
Brown, Blue, Green, and Violet

They are available in prescription up to -8.50, except for green which is only available in PLANO.
Interestingly, the design to this lens series have a purple outer rim.

Let's start the review!

(How do you like my new blue hizzair? xD)

A couple extra pictures cause I'm in love with my hair :3
In relation to the lenses, you can see they're still bright!

I thought the purple rim would have overpowered the grey pigment but it actually does show up as grey :0 The center of the lens has a yellow tint, then grey, then purple. The yellow probably helps diffuse the purple wich allows the grey to be stronger. This is also an opaque lens that will hide the darkest color of eyes. They're still pretty bright even in darker lighting.
The design imitates natural irises when worn. They're not so natural up close though.

These are HUGE. If you couldn't tell already x]
They take up a lot of space in my eyes xD So be wary if you do not want enlargement!

Very, very comfy! Even for big lenses.
I was bad and I took a 30 minute nap in them Dx
DO NOT DO THAT! BAD, LORINA! I was so tired that I just passed out - .-"
Anyways, even after my nap, they weren't dried out or uncomfortable. I don't feel them when I wear them either!

Really liking these lenses :] Not sure what else to say!
They might be a bit intimidating because of how bright and large they are though. That's about it.

Win a FREE pair of circle lenses of your choice!
They ship worldwide except for Israel due to shipping policy problem.

It ends the night of July 6th, Friday.
I'll announce the winner on Saturday.

The Rules Are... 
1. You MUST enter an active email that you use and check.
If you don't, then you could miss out if you're the winner.
I'll give the winner 3 days to reply to my message.

2. Like Lens Village on Facebook.

3. Follow Lens Village on Twitter.

4. Follow my blog.

Just follow the Rafflecopter for all the links and goodness :3

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