Paper♥cute Doodlebands!

Hey, guys!

Today I'm showing you these ADORABLE headbands from Papercute ; 3; HOMG.

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The owner of Papercute let me pick two headbands but I really couldn't choose!
I knew I wanted a black kitty headband with bling, and so the second one was a surprise :D

She has SEVERAL different and creative styles.
Such as tiny deer antlers3 point crown (similar to the one Sandara Park from 2ne1 wore), bowdevil horns, teddy bear, and liberty spikes and more!

These type of headbands are getting really popular. I've seen a few gyaru models wear them too!
Particularly Tsubasa Masuwaka, the creator of Dolly Wink False Eyelashes and Candy Doll Cosmetics.
Here she is with a kitty headband and two different colored devil horn headband.

Here is the
Black Kitty Headband with Crystals

I wear this headband quite often!

Normally, I try to stay away from wire based headbands because they tend to be uncomfortable for my huge head xD But these are comfy and the ends have extra cushion from the ribbon so it doesn't dig into my head.

It's thin enough to wear with my extensions too :3 Which is a GREAT plus.

As you can see, the detail is carefully and lovingly crafted :3
She gave me the option of bling or no bling :0 Had to have some sparkliness going on.

The ears aren't so huge that they're too costume-like for those who are uncomfortable wearing accessories that have a little more eccentricity. I'd say they're really casual, actually, and would be interesting for a night look. Especially cat ears, hohohoho.

One of the reasons why I wanted cat ears was because of Suzy in Goodbye Baby by Miss A.

So sezziiiii.
Maybe not so sezi on me xD
But it's still cute!

Next is the
Lavender Bunny Headband

My surprise headband! Weeee! Such a pretty color :3
She has many different ribbon colors you can choose from too!
So if you like a certain style but in a different color, it's doable :]

Awhile back, bunny headbands and with lace and usamimi headbands were really popular.

This headband isn't as big or over the top. It's quite dainty :3
It's a really cutesy and innocent look, especially with the color.

Weee! Love these ♡ Thank you, Paper♥cute!



  1. Love those headbands! What eyebrow pencil/shadow/mascara do you use? I like the color

  2. I use Stila waterproof brow color and Sally Girl brow powder in brunette :)