Review: Frutique Berry Berry Purifying Cleanser + Apple Night-Restore Creme

I've been using Frutique products for a few months now and I'm still very happy with each new product I pick up!
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My skin type is Combination oily/dry.
My nose, forehead, and chin are oily, and my cheeks are dry.
Both are moderate, not severe, but some days they're worse.

A gentle and effective cleanser that removes makeup and impurities. Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.
This cleansing gel cleans skin deeply while hydrating to maintain balance. A rich blend of Amazonian Acai Berry and Himalayan Goji Berry, known for their antioxidant properties, will revitalize and revive the skin.
For all skin types.
6.8 fl oz
  • A gentle and effective cleansing gel
  • Removes makeup and impurities
  • Antioxidant formula clarifies and revitalizes skin
  • Hydrates to maintain balance

Scent: It's light and airy. It won't make you feel nauseous if you're sensitive to smells. It's definitely got a berry scent to it, but maybe I'm crazy and smell natural grape more, haha!
Texture: It's a liquid based cleanser. I suppose it's silky feeling when you rub it between your fingers. It doesn't feel drying or oily when you wash it off. It doesn't bubble up either when you rub it. Very, very little if it does.
Results: Like I just stated, it doesn't feel drying or oily when you wash it off nor does it sud up. I was surprised with the results since psychologically I feel like I'm only really cleaning something if I see lots of bubbles. When I washed it off, my skin felt fresh and clean. It didn't strip out the natural oils that my skin needs, it just cleansed off any grimy feeling from my oily skin and left my skin soft. It's the same with my dry skin, it wasn't so harsh that it made my dry skin irritated or even more dry.
I always use moisturizer after washing my face so I don't know how it feels going without any moisturizer. I only need one pump to wash my face and neck. It distributes very well and lasts very long. I also like to keep the cap on so I don't touch the opening by accident if my hands are dirty or something.
For breakouts, it's normally due from stress, my period, lack of water, bad foods. This product doesn't magically make everything go away but I don't even remember the last time I got a really bad pimple. Just tiny break outs here and there, mainly where I touch my face the most or where my hair touches my face the most. Probably thanks to the aloe and the vitamin e, my skin heals better and faster if I'm being bad and picking at my face x]
Price: $12.99
Over All: I'm very satisfied with this product! Of all the cleansers and face washes I've ever used, this has been the best balance for my combination skin :]

An intensive night-time moisturizer that nourishes the skin. Leaves skin plump and smooth.
This night renewal moisturizer leaves skin soft, smooth and younger-looking. Apple Extract, Retinyl Palmitate and Glycolic Acid will restore the skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

For all skin types.
1.7 fl oz
  • An intensive night renewal moisturizer
  • Diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth and younger-looking
  • Enhances skin’s moisture balance throughout the night

Scent: It really does smell like apple :0 It's fascinating, but like all their other products, the smell is light and airy. Not too strong, which I really love since I have a weirdly strong nose and I don't like products that have an over powering or super distinct smell.
Texture: It's a light creme that distributes evenly.
Results: LOVE. THIS. PRODUCT. It's a night-time moisturizer but I use it as a regular moisturizer. Why? Because one, when I put on my BB cream, it actually looks so much smoother when I use this moisturizer than when I don't. It stays in place better and the consistency looks nicer. The other reasons, it does give you a plump and smoothing feeling and I have one fine wrinkle on my forehead from raising my eyebrows too much, as part of my natural expressions, and this product has definitely helped reduce that fine wrinkle, just as it claims. For nearly a month I stopped using it and it took nearly all that time for that wrinkle to go back to where it was before. Though, I could just have been not raising my eyebrows as much x] Who knows! Still, while I was using it, it did it's job well.
My oily skin was reduced using this product but it didn't stop me from shining after a few hours. Though instead of looking just plain oily, it looked a little more like glowing instead. Which I'll take any day than being plain oily. That just showed me that this creme helps balance what my oily skin needed in order for it to not suffer from lack of moisture. Sometimes oily skin becomes even more oily because you strip too much moisture from it or you're using products with oil in them. Oily skin is tricky to take care of x[ Especially if you live in a hot area!
My dry skin does feel a smidgen tight when I use this but that might be due to the product itself since it leaves skin plump and smooth and diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. My skin doesn't show up cracking or flaky, it's pretty moisturized and comfortable. Occasionally, I'll have to pay more special attention to my cheeks if they're especially dry one day. In general, if my skin were just dry, I may use a different moisturizer or just use this as a night-time moisturizer as it was made. It's also summer time, so this probably wouldn't work as well for dry skin during winter time. Like, you may need to use two different moisturizers if you really like using this product.
The bottle is smallish though and only lasts about a month depending on how often you use it such as if you use it only for night time or all the time, but you only need one pump to cover your face and neck and it completely dries in just a couple minutes.
Price: $12.99
Over All: Another product from Frutique that I'm happy and satisfied with :] I can't wait to try the other items! My only complaint is that the bottle is tiny but that's more of a personal matter since I prefer using this as my regular moisturizer. I've bought this a second time and would keep buying it!


I use these products along with the Papaya Enzyme Exfoliating Gel for my dry skin. Before I started using the Apple Night-Restore Creme, I used the Hydrating Peach Smoothing Creme which may work better for normal or dry skin.


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