Update Post, ish. Kinda picture heavy :0

Hello, everyone! :D

As you all know by now, I DYED MY HAIR BLUE!
Weee! I haven't seen it blue in years and I've never done this shade either.
The last time I had it blue, it was turquoise and I had it in a faux hawk with extensions x]
I looked like a fancy tropical bird :0

I decided to go through the history of my hair pictures on Tumblr and put this together.
I'm almost like a rainbow :D The orange was March 2011, the green was April 2011, the Auburn was June/July 2011, the light pink was January 2012, the red was March 2012, and the blue is now :D

Random people ask me how I can dye my hair without it dying.
Welp, I have short hair and I let my extensions work for me :0 Also I do have very strong hair, so it's partly genetics. The other thing is that I don't wash my hair for 3-4 days, I used lukewarm to cold water to wash my hair, I leave conditioner in for a long time, and I keep water and heat away from it as much as possible. So, I don't really blow dry it or curl/straighten it.
If I want to style it, I style it the day I wash it. I blow dry it upside down to get volume and apply heat serum to protect it from the curling iron/straightener. Then I use a anti-humidity hair spray to set it in. It stays curled/wavy for the longevity of me not washing my hair. To keep your hair from looking greasy/oily, use dry shampoo or baby powder.

I will be making a post soon enough on what products I used and how I went from red hair to blue hair. To me it's kinda fun to figure out how to go to the next color, especially if they're quite opposite of each other. Haha, dunno, kinda strange, eh?

In other news, I caved in and joined Instagram :0 If you want to follow me, my name is lorinahearts.
Though fair warning, it won't be interesting x] Just being a cam ho, as usual.

Here are some outfits I've collected!
It does make it easier for me to do outfit shots.
So instant :0 LOLOLOL. Ok.


Along with outfits, you'll find really stupid pictures of me xD
This is pretty much my natural state. Literally, no makeup/hair pictures too.

Oh, and seriously, the name of that cookie said
T -T

Random little sketches and things I like are there too.

I've had a couple people on Instagram ask me what app I use to edit my photos.
It's called "LINE camera" and it's free! Lots of pretty filters, stamps, frames, and letters.

And to throw this in, it was my friend lapin de lune's birthday a few days ago!
So I drew this for her. She's got a cute purple wig coming in so I just had to :3

With blog related news, I'll soon be making a 4th of July inspired makeup tutorial :D
One of my new years resolutions was to celebrate each holiday. I'm not sure if I'll go out since it's on a wednesday but it'll definitely be easy for me to be red, white, and blue x]

I also got new brushes and a contour palette awhile ago :3
I've been practicing with them before showing you guys.
I'm pretty much in love with them and are a part of my makeup routine.
I'm still pretty rusty with it but it can only get better!

 AND, here's a package I got from SHOPPINGHOLICS!
I'm always happy and excited when I see their packages ; 3;

I've had these products since June 1st so I'm quite familiar with all of them now.
So is there anything you'd like me to review first?

Or should I just make a giant review post? xDDD
I think that would be overwhelming . _.'

Let me knooooow! 


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