Review: GEO Hurricane Violet Circle Lens + #13 Natural Black Eyelash Lash Pack

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I would love to introduce you all to my new sponsor,
They have been around the circle lens scene for a long while now.
I've known about them since over three years ago when I started getting into these pretty little lenses.
Thank you, Kiwiberry1 for blessing me with this sponsorship 
On to the reviews!

Below is the GEO Hurricane Violet lens.
They also carry them in Brown, Hazel, Green, Blue, and Grey.

As per usual, this review is based on my own experience and opinion.
Also, don't ever forget to practice safe handling with your lenses!


I've been pretty distracted lately ever since I found out about this challenge on Tumblr x]
I really ought to be concentrating on other things, LOL. Oh well, it's been too much fun and I don't even remember the last time I enjoyed drawing. Monsters and girls. Two things I love drawing.
I'm only on day eight. Who knows if I'll even finish this, but I'm pretty happy with the results thus far! I'm keeping all the drawings together so when I'm done I'll make a huge collage of them together :D

Day 1: Harpy


Hello, everyone!

GLOSSYBOX USA sent me a box for the month of June.
I was quite surprised with the news :0 Thank you! ♡

For those of you unfamiliar with GLOSSYBOX, they are a company that you can subscribe to and receive a beauty box filled with 5 beauty products. Each month has different items that range from skin care, hair care, makeup, etc.

I received the first GLOSSYBOX release in the US in April.
If you'd like to compare the items, you can see they send a variety of things to try out!

They send their boxes to many different places in the world.
Check out and see if they can send a box to your home!

For the month of June, their concentration was on Summer Simplicity.
A nice theme as the weather heats up. It's been hot for awhile now and I know too many people who are just waiting for winter to come around. For now, let's do our best to keep comfy and cool!

GLOSSYBOX now has a mini magazine called GLOSSY Mag.
Inside you will find trends, news, and wellness.

As I was taking pictures, my cat, Howl, decided it was his GLOSSYBOX, LOL.
I think he's posing just as well as the model on the cover xD

Purple Hair!

A few people were asking me how I achieved my purple hair and what products I used. This time around it really wasn't very complicated since purple is right next to blue on the color chart.

Originally, my blue hair was dyed with ION Color Brilliance Brights Aqua, but diluted. It was put on top of bleach blonde hair. One day, out of impulse, I decided I wanted to dye my hair purple and I grabbed the ION Color Brilliance Brights Red, diluted it and put it on top of my blue hair. Ta-dah! Color wheel magics (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

Like I said, not complicated.

Here are some pictures I took for people who wanted to see the real color. It was hard to capture, actually. I had to photoshop some of these to get the purple to come out more since there were really strong blue undertones.

Btw, I look miserable in most of these photos cause I was sick!

However, I went back to blue in just a few short days because I didn't like the purple on me as a personal choice. I like the color, I thought it was pretty, but I just wasn't feeling it. The last time I had purple hair, I thought it dulled out my skin and made it look pasty. I still think it does, even if some people wouldn't agree. Either way, it's my hair, I do wut I want.

I just washed my hair a good couple times and let the shampoo sit in my hair for 5-10 minutes. I really diluted the red dye so it was easy to take out, but there are still some purple spots in my hair and it's not as bright of a blue anymore.

I would dye it a different color, but I forgot how difficult it is to get rid of blue hair!
The last time I had all blue hair I just went ahead and did a dark brown cause I couldn't get rid of it.

I would dye it silver/grey/gunmetal but the blue is just way too strong. I would need to go back to blonde which is too much of a hassle.


Blue Hair Tutorial + ION Color Brilliance Brights Aqua Review

Hello, hello!
Some people have been waiting for this post about my blue hair!
Below are the items I used to change my red hair to blue hair.

Review: Kiss Me Heroine Smooth Liquid Eyeliner + Sguard Rock On Mascara

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Awhile ago I got a package from Shoppingholics filled with goodies!
As always, thank you, Shoppingholics for your kindness ♡

Below you'll see:
Kiss Me Heroine Smooth Liquid Eyeliner
Sguard Rock On Mascara

Click on the links to see the reviews :]

Review: Dolly Wink No.9 Natural Dolly + GEO Lotus Brown Circle Lenses

Thank you to Shoppingholics who have kindly sent me the items I've reviewed below ♡
Everything here is from my own experience and opinion!

Review: Decolog Who's Sweet False Eyelashes

Thank you to Shoppingholics who have kindly sent me the item I've reviewed below ♡
Everything here is from my own experience and opinion!