Blue Hair Tutorial + ION Color Brilliance Brights Aqua Review

Hello, hello!
Some people have been waiting for this post about my blue hair!
Below are the items I used to change my red hair to blue hair.

- Quick Blue Bleach
- Color Zap
- ION Color Brilliance Brights, Aqua
- Aphogee Hair Treatment

First, I started with Color Zap which lifts permanent hair dye off of your hair. I've been using this for years and it's MUCH better than bleaching color out of your hair. It can still be drying but definitely more gentle than bleach. 

For some information about my hair, my hair is naturally black. I have to bleach my hair in order to have a lighter hair color. In the before picture, I had NRAGE's pink and red hair dye in my hair but it was very faded. I was purposely letting my hair fade in preparation to dye my hair a new color.

One box of Color Zap covered all my hair, which is still fairly short. Some people may need to buy more than one box if they have longer or thicker hair. In other cases, you may need to buy more because you may need to use it twice if the color is stubborn or if it lifts the color unevenly.

Color Zap doesn't usually lift the hair back to the original color you had before you dyed it. It all depends on what color you dyed your hair. In my case, red, which is a very difficult color to lift.

On the same day, I bleached my roots. With the Quick Blue bleach I used 30 Volume Developer. Only use 30 Volume Developer if you have VERY dark hair such as mine or dark brown hair.

My roots were probably an inch or so long and I used one and a half packs of bleach to cover them. In Sally's you can buy this product in a tub for larger quantities if you keep up with your own hair.

Be careful as to not touch any other parts of your hair with the bleach except for the areas you want it on. It is difficult when doing it by your lonesome self x]

I left it on for 45 minutes.

Afterwards, I used this brilliant product! This is the first time I've used it and I LOVE it.
My hair felt like I didn't use Color Zap or bleach on my hair. It felt like how it did before I started changing my hair from red to blue, and it was in pretty good condition for processed hair.

From now on when I'm bleaching my hair or changing my hair, I'm picking this up.

When opening their packages, read everything first. You cannot return it if you open it mindlessly and it's not the color you want. They have a separate little weft you can check for length and color.

Sorry for the lighting! It was at night when I started this. I put the extensions up against pure white paper in the picture to the right and on the left, the polka dot cloth is white. I hope you can tell what color it would look like in person.

This is how I normally dye my extensions. We don't use coupons so I use them to keep from making a mess. Other alternatives are trash bags or plastic bags. You can cut them up and tape them down. That way you can use up as much of the dye as you can, versus paper which can soak a bit of the dye.

Now on to the dye!
 ION Color Brilliance Brights Aqua Review

On my real hair, I used the product directly. Otherwise, if I diluted this dye, my hair may have had a purple tint. I wanted to overpower the red/pink tint in my hair.  For my extensions, I used the dye and mixed it with conditioner.

I dyed my hair on June 18th, and by now I've washed my hair several times.

Left Image: Two days after I dyed my hair, June 20th.
Right Image: How my hair looked on July 6th.

Color Results + Lasting Results
When I wash my hair I concentrate on my scalp and my hair line, and when I wash my face, I tend to go up to my hair line too so there's extra fading around my face. However, if you look at the ends of my real hair such as my bangs, the color is still really strong. I'm REALLY happy with how bright my hair is still!
Normally within the first week of me washing my hair, the brightness of a dye is already dimmed. This product owns up it's name, Brilliance Brights. It has stayed bright! Even my roots. Though they're faded, they're still a bright color, aside my hairline due to being exposed to water and cleansers more than the rest of my hair. It started noticeably fading after a month, but even then it still blends really well with my extensions.
As for the color, it's much darker than I expected. The box says Aqua and the color of the box is very light, but when I opened the dye it was an extremely dark blue and obviously in my hair, it's not very aqua. It's more of a strong, medium blue. I'm still happy with the color, but if you're looking for a specific color, I'd suggest messing with different dilution mixes before putting dye directly in your hair.

Texture + Smell
This is one of the THICKEST dyes I have ever used. It's hard to move around. I'd suggest using a brush to put it in your hair so you don't pull on your hair with your fingers and that way it evenly distributes throughout your hair. Because it's so thick, it might stick to one area and not move around and soak up in other areas.
As for the smell, it smells like cheap soap. Other unnatural colored dyes I've used smell like sweets and candies, haha. But the smell doesn't bother me. It did stay in my hair for awhile though.

Amount In Tube + Price
There's not much in one tube. I'm guessing this product is mainly for touch ups and for streaks. Though I think this is a GREAT product for $4.99 USD. Even when I diluted it, it's still such a strong color. SO WORTH IT. As far as I know, I've only seen it at Sally's Beauty Supply, both online and in stores.
For my real hair, I used one and half tubes directly. For my extensions I used one and a half tubes, diluted with conditioner. I put in as much conditioner as I needed to cover all the extensions.


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  1. We're u able to lift the blue? If so how? I've been trying to get rid of it and it won't fade!