Hello, everyone!

GLOSSYBOX USA sent me a box for the month of June.
I was quite surprised with the news :0 Thank you! ♡

For those of you unfamiliar with GLOSSYBOX, they are a company that you can subscribe to and receive a beauty box filled with 5 beauty products. Each month has different items that range from skin care, hair care, makeup, etc.

I received the first GLOSSYBOX release in the US in April.
If you'd like to compare the items, you can see they send a variety of things to try out!

They send their boxes to many different places in the world.
Check out and see if they can send a box to your home!

For the month of June, their concentration was on Summer Simplicity.
A nice theme as the weather heats up. It's been hot for awhile now and I know too many people who are just waiting for winter to come around. For now, let's do our best to keep comfy and cool!

GLOSSYBOX now has a mini magazine called GLOSSY Mag.
Inside you will find trends, news, and wellness.

As I was taking pictures, my cat, Howl, decided it was his GLOSSYBOX, LOL.
I think he's posing just as well as the model on the cover xD

Now on to the items! They added an extra little item in this month's box, from A Perfume Organic.


Of all the products sent, this is my favorite! I'm not a big mascara person as I've got thin eyelashes. I rely on false lashes, but this mascara really makes my lashes POP. The formula is kinda wet and takes a awhile to dry but it really does SHOW OFF your lashes like crazy. I still prefer wearing false lashes since my top lashes aren't long enough but this mascara does beautifully for my lower lashes.
I like the design of the brush as well. It's got a slight curve and a broad brush for even coating. 

See? You can clearly see my lower lashes in this picture!
So awesome :]

FIRST AID BEAUTY Smooth Shave Cream

Can't say much about this since I don't really need to shave my legs, haha. I tried it out anyways and I like the way it lathers. The bottle they sent is fairly sizable so for those of you who do shave, you'd be able to get a good feel for this product to see if you would buy it or not.

KINERASE Restructure Firming Cream

This was a tiny, wee little bottle they sent, but the full size costs $98! It's pretty neat that I got to try it out such an expensive product! I'm not a fan of tiny samples though. I can't evaluate it properly, unless it's works instantly. Since I'm still pretty young and my skin doesn't necessarily need this kind of product, I wouldn't know how well this works. The price tells me it should work wonderfully.
When I used it, it was creamy in texture, no scent, distributed evenly, and it didn't break me out. So those are definite pluses.

Ultimate Moisturizing Body Creme

SO. I opened this, smelled it, and I was in bliss. This smells SO INCREDIBLE, I wanted to eat it! It's perfect for summer because it smells warm. The kind of warm that makes you want to cuddle in the morning sun or lay outside with a cool breeze rolling by. It's just such a relaxing scent.

The product itself is also wonderful! Body butters and cremes are usually very nourishing in moisture but are also thick. You really have to work section by section or take a big dollop of it but it's definitely worth the time and effort.

Enrich Moisturizing Treatment

In the description, it says that this product is a lightweight treatment, and that's exactly what it is. It won't make your hair oily or too heavy as some treatments may result in, but if you have chemically damaged hair such as mine, this won't make much of a difference.
However, if you have virgin hair or thin hair, this may suit you better.


This is the extra item they sent along in the box. It's a tiny vial of perfume. Reading the description of all four perfumes, this brand seems to dedicate their scents to earthy fragrances. I've only worn two fragrances for several years so I'm not sure if I'm ready to dedicate myself to a new scent!

And that's all! Hope everyone is doing well and somehow keeping cool in this crazy summer heat!

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