Review: Decolog Who's Sweet False Eyelashes

Thank you to Shoppingholics who have kindly sent me the item I've reviewed below ♡
Everything here is from my own experience and opinion!

They're a bit flimsy but the lashes hold well together on the spine. The first time I threw away a pair was because it was looking really used up. I think I used it maybe 5-8 times before I threw them away? And I tend to make sure I use mine up. I've found myself being more careful with them too.

Length + Volume
I had to cut these up a little bit to look better on my eyes. Normally I leave my lashes as they are but the pattern on these are a bit unique. Volume wise, they can look natural or exaggerated like in the picture above. For a more natural look, glue them lower.

You can have a lot of use of this lash because of the design. You can cut them up for a different look or wear them as is. These also have the extra spine that you have to cut off.
Even though the center is heavy, it's still natural looking. I'd recommend these lashes for people with either wide or small eyes because the darkness of the center lashes will help open the eyes. That's the main reason I chose them.
However, because they incorporate two different designs in the lash, each lash is not identical and can be uneven. I had to make up for gaps with mascara or eye shadow. If you look at the picture of the box with all the lashes, you can see some gaps between the two lash designs.

They're light and contour well with my eye shape.

Over All
The design is what drew me to them in the first place because I wanted to open my eyes up with the help of the center being darker. They do help in that sense and I love how natural they look while still satisfying my love for long lashes, but I have a love/hate relationship with them because of the gaps and unevenness.
I'm not entirely sure if I'd get a new box but at the same time I'm dreading when I run out xD So confusing!

Below on the left and the picture above, the lashes are worn really high.
On the bottom right the lashes are worn more naturally.
That day I was asked if they were my real lashes :0

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The cross earring with the spike, the hand accessory, and collar necklace?
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Stick aroooouuund ;D

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