Review: Dolly Wink No.9 Natural Dolly + GEO Lotus Brown Circle Lenses

Thank you to Shoppingholics who have kindly sent me the items I've reviewed below ♡
Everything here is from my own experience and opinion!

From my experience, all the Dolly Wink lashes I've worn are strong and last very long. The spine that holds all the lashes together is very bendable but not flimsy. The lashes themselves feel delicate. I haven't really tried being rough with them to know if they are or not.

Length + Volume
These surpass the normal length of the eye and may need to be cut for comfort or if preferred. I didn't cut them in these pictures. The volume is high but the lashes aren't thick.

VERY natural looking. The crossing pattern imitates real lashes and blends in well too. The darkest part in the picture with my eyes closed are my own lashes! I'd say it almost looks like wearing eyelash extensions. The spine is clear so it can be worn for simpler or natural looks.
In the pictures, I glued them a little low. If I pressed them up a bit more the falsies would look longer.

They're light and the design is thin, so it won't feel heavy on your lids. The spine isn't too stiff, just enough to keep the shape.

Over All
I haven't used these nearly as much as I want to mainly cause I'm not very comfortable with more natural makeup. I'd use them more if I was! They're very pretty 

The lashes used below are also Dolly Wink No.9 Natural Dolly.
I was tired that day, sorry for the drowsy and uninterested look xDDD

They also come in Grey, Green, Blue, and Violet.
Brown and Grey go from PLANO to -8.00 for prescription.
The others have no prescription.

As always, don't abuse your lenses!
Clean them properly, wear them only up to 8 hours,
and don't wear them if they become uncomfortable.
Get your eyes checked for proper prescription!

They colors in the middle of the lens are fairly sheer except for the yellow which gives a glow in a light brown color, as you can tell in the full face pictures. To me they look really warm :3
Up close they look unnatural and even unflattering, but from a fair distance, I think the purpose of these lens is to make the eyes look like they're naturally glowing. At least for dark eyes like mine. I'm sure it would look interesting on light eyes.
I don't feel like I have a pretty lotus in my eye xD but I do see it in the design.

They do their job at 15mm especially with the black outer rim.
If you've got tinier irises than mine, the grey pixels will show through more which could give a different look and feel to the lenses but will still be very big.

Very comfy! I don't remember having to use any eye drops when I wore these. Though I've noticed my eyes feel more comfortable with higher water content. You may have to try different kinds to see which one will be more comfortable for you.

Over All
I'm very happy with these! At first I thought I wouldn't like them :0 I don't normally use brown lenses and the pattern on these are pretty odd but I was surprised with how beautiful they look! For those of you who've known me for awhile now, you know I like my colors xD But I see myself using these more often than my other colored lenses.

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