Review: GEO Hurricane Violet Circle Lens + #13 Natural Black Eyelash Lash Pack

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I would love to introduce you all to my new sponsor,
They have been around the circle lens scene for a long while now.
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On to the reviews!

Below is the GEO Hurricane Violet lens.
They also carry them in Brown, Hazel, Green, Blue, and Grey.

As per usual, this review is based on my own experience and opinion.
Also, don't ever forget to practice safe handling with your lenses!

I forgot to take the picture without one lens in Dx'''

Color + Design
The color is a true purple. In the pictures they may look a bit blue, but in person they're a dark purple. Despite it being dark, it's very pretty and dreamy-like due to the design. The swirly hurricane design dissolves into the center, blending into your eye color. Even if you have light eyes, I believe these would blend well. If you look at the picture of the lens in the vial, you can see how the center has less pixels. These are perfect for a natural look that has some pop!

As 14mm lenses, they don't do much for making your eyes look big and dolly. They're very natural. For some they may be a bit enlarging depending on your eye size and shape.

My eyes are accustomed to lenses with higher water content so these are a bit drying. It helps that they're 14mm instead of a bigger lens, which allows more oxygen to my eyes versus the 14.5mm and 15mm lenses that I prefer to wear. The lens itself is thin and I can't feel them when I wear them.

Over All
They're very pretty :3 All in all I do like them.


These false eyelashes are generally stiff. When putting them on, the glue has to be at the perfect tackiness to apply without making too much of a mess if you use dark eyelash glue like I do. Due to the stiffness, the design won't break apart of you handle them roughly.

Length + Volume
The length of this lash is a bit longer than natural. It will go a little past your lash line. The ends of these lashes have that extra spine that you have to cut off. The volume, as you can see in the picture is very long, but the curve of the lashes are slight, making them appear more natural like in the picture of my eyes opened.

The lashes are thin, created in a criss-cross pattern. For lashes like mine, which are thin, they blend in perfectly. The lashes are also very long.

Because the spine is stiff, it's not the most comfortable lash. You'll be able to wear them just fine, but you'll feel them on you, versus some other natural lashes that you would barely notice when worn.

Over All
They're nice and pretty lashes! They kind of give me the feel of princess eyes.


I've also done a video review but I was a bit too nervous, haha!
I much prefer these written reviews with pictures but here it is anyways.

And here's one of several videos I made during my attempt in making the review!


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