Review: Kiss Me Heroine Smooth Liquid Eyeliner + Sguard Rock On Mascara

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Awhile ago I got a package from Shoppingholics filled with goodies!
As always, thank you, Shoppingholics for your kindness ♡

Below you'll see:
Kiss Me Heroine Smooth Liquid Eyeliner
Sguard Rock On Mascara

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With tiny and sharp eyeliner tip (0.1mm), Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner allows you to draw fine and delicate eye lines.
Its waterproof contents are great to avoid flaking and smearing, creating a lasting makeup effect.
With chamomile and saxifrage extracts, the liquid liner nourishes your skin at the same time.

Left Image
The mark on the left is one application, the mark on the right is two applications.

Middle Image
I rubbed my skin really hard. This eyeliner has a lot of resistance. So unless you're rubbing your eyes, your eyeliner will stay in place.

Right Image
After rubbing my skin, I wet the area and rubbed it again to see how easy it is to remove. I'm happy I don't have to rub my skin to take it off!
I reapplied the eye liner and wet it to see how well it works as a waterproof eye liner. When I did, the eyeliner wasn't as dark as before and it seems to smudge if I touch the area.

As an eyeliner claiming to be waterproof, I wouldn't use this. Which is kind of upsetting because the anime girl on the front is clearly misleading me with her lies. LOL.

But at the same time it's the anime girl that made me want this product xDDDD 
The felt tip is tapered wich allows you to create thin and thick lines. The tip is very tiny which actually makes it a little difficult to make perfect lines if your hand is unstable or if your lid moves a lot. It's taking me awhile to perfectly create wings with it.
All together I'm personally happy with this product. I love the packaging. In my opinion it's humorous while the actual eye liner pen has an elegant design. So that tickled my fancy x]
The application is easy since this eye liner is like using a marker or pen. The tip is very, very tiny which is great for detail, winged eye liner, and drawing on bottom eye lashes but it takes practice. It really is like using pen. It's hard to fix mistakes.
It does it's job for me. It's a dark enough black, the tip is felt and NOT brush, and I can carry it around without it getting messy. The unique part about this product is that it has chamomile and saxifrage extracts that nourishes your skin and I really like that :]
Good thing to note if anyone so happens to be allergic to anything like that.

- nourishes your skin
- purse/pocket friendly
- stays in place
- felt tip

- not very waterproof
- not the darkest black eye liner
- takes some practice to get used to

(circle lenses used are GEO Lotus Brown)

"Sguard Rock On Mascara” is developed with a Japanese fashion model, Aya Hoshi. She created this professional mascara by focusing on the adhesion of liquid and the brush. The strong adhesion helps your eyelashes look glamorous, rich volume, natural, and long lasting; the effect is just like wearing fake eyelashes! The brush of this mascara perfectly fits your eye shape which creates a beautiful curve on the eyelash and easy to control and use. Water resistance formula is applied but it can be easily removed with warm water. Curling, lengthening, long-lasting, and extra volume! You can find them all in one! Have you gotten your “Sguard Rock On Mascara” yet? Sexy and charming eyes can be yours too!

I haven't used many mascaras so I don't know how this would compare to other brands but I like it x] The first time I used it, I was talking to my sister and she told me she had a hard time telling if they were false eye lashes or not. I guess they do their job :]

The false eye lashes I use are normally very dramatic but these imitate lashes with a natural design. What gave it away was that my eyelashes aren't as structured as false lashes are. False lashes are cleaner and more defined in symmetry. If  you actually have thicker lashes these would probably look great.

There's an extension of the brush on one side and it took me awhile to figure out what it was for, hahaha! It lengthens, while the shorter areas adds thickness and volume. When I figure that out it made things a lot easier xD

My eyelashes are very thin so they don't make much of a statement. With this mascara, my eye lashes are thicker and are longer :3 When taking it off, it is a bit of a struggle so I can safely say it's waterpoof. It's easier to remove with warm water than it is with my makeup remover towelettes.

As for keeping curl, they tend to stay in place but I'm not very good with curling my lashes or with my lashes in general x] As a side note, I love using this mascara on my lower lashes, it always looks brilliant in person :3 Especially since my lower lashes always look invisible cause they grow sideways and are super thin and tiny.

- lengthens
- thickens
- waterproof
- imitates false lashes
- purse friendly

- hard to remove
(but that could be a pro for some)

(circle lenses used are GEO Lotus Brown)


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