Review: Geo Angel Violet Circle Lens + #17 Dramatic Black Eyelash Lash Pac

Hello, everyone!

Here are the other lenses and lashes that Kiwiberry1's Collection sent me :]
Of the Geo Angel series, they also have Green, Grey, and Blue available.

As per usual, this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Also, don't ever forget to practice safe handling with your lenses!


Hello, everyone!

Here is Glossy Box's USA July Box!
Last month's box was themed Summer Simplicity, while this month is Summer Nights.

One of their newest features in each box is their GLOSSY Mag.

Apothica Buys + Reviews!

Hello, hello!

A bit ago I ordered a few items from
Which also associates with and
They have such a ridiculous wide range of products that pertain to beauty, skin, and even some random tidbits for the home! Some random wonderful treasures you may find!
Below are the ones I found!

Get eyes that never go out of style with Vincent Longo One Two Three Eyeshadow Trio - Timeless! The matte finish formula has rich color that lasts all day. Silk Fibers make the formula crease and streak free. Can be worn wet or dry. Timeless contains a light champagne, dark brown, and dark black.

Uhg, isn't it just so beautiful?!

New Contour/Blush Palette and Makeup Brush Set!

Hello, everyone!
I'll be sharing with you a couple new makeup related items that I'm VERY excited about!


This is the first palette of this kind that I've ever owned. Anytime I did any contouring or highlight it was done with eyeshadows. I wanted to get the full effect so I got this palette along with new makeup brushes. It took a little over a week for them to arrive :] They had layers of bubble wrap sheets around them so the packaging and delivery were excellent!

This palette is actually pretty huge and wouldn't be very purse friendly. It's 9"x6", so unless you carry around a big bag, I'd leave it at home x] Plus, I'd be concerned about the powders shattering.

Tutorial: Filling In Eyebrows!

A few people have been asking for an eyebrow tutorial!

I've also got an old Eyebrow Grooming/Shaping Tutorial.
I've gotten better at filling them in now! I guess this is part two of my eyebrow tutorials x]
So here is how I've been doing my eyebrows!

You can use pencil or powder, or both!
When using powder, use a small angled brush.

Occasionally, I'll make my eyebrows thicker or thinner, lower or higher, shorter, or more straight. Just the smallest adjustments can make a big difference and change the natural expression of your face. It can make you look more mature or younger, less angry or more angry looking,  LOL.

Play around with your eyebrows and see what you like most! You're not limited to the natural shape of your eyebrows, unless that's where you're more comfortable or if you think that suits you the best.

Note: If you have oily skin, like me, use a wax based eyebrow pencil. The wax will help keep your brows in place and reduce shine due to it's non-reflectiveness. Use powder over it, to help keep it stay longer. Make sure you wash your face before applying so that your skin isn't oily. That way it adheres better.

For those with dry skin, exfoliate so that your skin isn't uneven or flaky. You can use either wax based eyebrow pencils or waterproof liquid brow color. If you're unable to exfoliate stubborn dead skin, the wax may make the application uneven or build up over the skin so waterproof liquid brow color would be better in that case. It will stay in place but won't look caked up.


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