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Hello, hello!

A bit ago I ordered a few items from Apothica.com
Which also associates with SkincareRX.com and SkinBotanica.com
They have such a ridiculous wide range of products that pertain to beauty, skin, and even some random tidbits for the home! Some random wonderful treasures you may find!
Below are the ones I found!

Get eyes that never go out of style with Vincent Longo One Two Three Eyeshadow Trio - Timeless! The matte finish formula has rich color that lasts all day. Silk Fibers make the formula crease and streak free. Can be worn wet or dry. Timeless contains a light champagne, dark brown, and dark black.

Uhg, isn't it just so beautiful?!

It's $29.50 but oh, so worth it. That is, if you have tastes like mine. Majority of the time I just like to define my eye shape, sticking to neutral colors and leaving the color pops to my hair, contacts, clothes, or lips. Aside my preference of color, the design they chose for the product is soooooo beautiful! I couldn't stand NOT getting this.

 For me, my makeup bag always has these three colors and I was running out of each color. This was a perfect replacement. The dark brown and the black are matte while the light champagne color is shimmer. Seriously, perfection in my books. I haven't tried them wet or with primer, I just use them as they are and they're just as the description says, it has silk fibers which make the powder incredibly smooth. It's soft to touch and it doesn't crumble. The texture is fine.

This product is just so beautiful all around.


Don't sweat the small stuff with Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color . With a specially-designed brush tip, Stila's new Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color leaves your brows looking naturally defined. The formula glides on with ease; won't smudge or run, and stays in place until you say when!

This is definitely waterproof! I can wear this stuff all day even though my skin gets oily :D
I got the Light shade instead of the Medium shade, because at the time I was drawing in my eyebrows a light shade. Now that I color them to my natural color, I don't use it as much.

However, if you need all day stay, this stuff is brilliant! 
The top right picture is it applied on my skin, the bottom right picture is me rubbing it into my skin.
Unless you're constantly rubbing your brows, this really will stay on, even if you're sweating!

It's best to use this on your skin without foundation/powder though. From my experience it kind of cakes the brush tip and you don't get a lot of the color.

The price is $21 which I think is worth it if you don't generally wear that much makeup but like having a clean frame every day that will last all day at work or whatever you may be doing, hiking! Haha. Perfect eyebrows for hiking xD Or if you have uneven eyebrows and need a quick fix that will stay. If you're just using a regular eyebrow pencil, there's no guarantee that it will won't smudge or stay all day. This product will keep up and it's easy to use and small enough to comfortably carry around if need be.

What I also like about this product is the honey extract, aloe leaf extract and chamomile extract that soothes and conditions the skin. I love it when makeup products help the skin!


These tiny little saltscrubs are good for about three uses and man, they do their job! So much so that it's taking me forever to use them up xD It's very harsh on my skin, so if you have sensitive skin, stay away! If you have really dry/rough skin though, buy these to scrub all that dead skin off! It's infused with oils to moisturize but it really scrubs x ___x'' They smell delightful though and work well for such tiny little things, and cheap too!


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