New Contour/Blush Palette and Makeup Brush Set!

Hello, everyone!
I'll be sharing with you a couple new makeup related items that I'm VERY excited about!


This is the first palette of this kind that I've ever owned. Anytime I did any contouring or highlight it was done with eyeshadows. I wanted to get the full effect so I got this palette along with new makeup brushes. It took a little over a week for them to arrive :] They had layers of bubble wrap sheets around them so the packaging and delivery were excellent!

This palette is actually pretty huge and wouldn't be very purse friendly. It's 9"x6", so unless you carry around a big bag, I'd leave it at home x] Plus, I'd be concerned about the powders shattering.

Here are the swatches below. The texture of the powder is very smooth, it's easy to blend, and it builds up well. It lasts on me all day, except for when I'm blotting oil away from my face x[ Very worthwhile and has changed my makeup routine. I would hate it if this wasn't a part of my makeup collection!
There is no scent to the powder or any shimmer. Each color is matte. This palette suits people with skin tones like mine. The dark brown will likely be too dark for paler skin and too light for darker skin.
I'm positive this will last a long time as you don't need to apply too much. Make sure you exfoliate so that the powder isn't uneven on flaky, dry skin.

Along with the contour palette, I got a makeup brush set since I've been needing new/more brushes! I chose this one mainly because it's really beautiful :3 The color is fun but the dark wood handles make it look mature. It's a 16 piece set and they come in the purple bag. Most of the brushes are goat hair.

I've heard some say that this is a beginners makeup brush set :0
I know there are SO MANY more makeup brushes out there but I do have to agree that if you want to dabble more into makeup that this would be a pretty good start. It won't be so overwhelming that you won't know how to use them! I've put down the basic uses of each piece in this set.

Large Makeup Brush
Uses: powdered foundation, blush, contour, highlight

Medium Makeup Brush
Uses: powdered foundation, blush, contour, highlight

Angled Makeup Brush
Uses: blush, contour, highlight

Round Makeup Brush 1
Uses: eyeshadow, concealer (this one is a bit stiffer than the others)

Round Makeup Brush 2
Uses: eyeshadow

Small Round Makeup Brush
Uses: eyeshadow
Fan Makeup Brush
Uses: remove excess powder (such as eyeshadow that falls on your cheeks), blush, contour, highlight
Lip Makeup Brush
Uses: applying lip color, lip liner, define shape

Eyeliner Makeup Brush
Uses: use with gel liner, create defined lines/detail

Small Angled Makeup Brush
Uses: use with gel liner, use for eye liner, eyebrows, defining/creating eye crease
Brow Brush and Lash Comb
Uses: brow brush - grooms eyebrow, blend brow powder/gel, lash comb - separate eyelashes from mascara, removes mascara clumps

Sponge Tip Eyeshadow Applicator
Uses: eyeshadow

Brow and Lash Brush
Uses: same use as the brow brush and lash comb

I've been using these for a couple months now and I'm satisfied with this set. The Sponge Tip Eyeshadow Applicator didn't last long though. It comes out of it's handle pretty easily, go figure. Nothing else has fallen apart on me though.

The medium brushes, I use for eyeshadow. It is slightly difficult to get even coverage with them. However, I don't use makeup primer so that could be a big reason for unevenness. I tend to use the smaller brushes for eyeliner, eyebrows, and concealer. They work wonderfully. The bigger brushes are my favorite. I use those for contouring and blush.

They're easy to wash and quick to dry. They have a beautiful appearance, and a good variety of brushes. This set is definitely for personal uses only. There aren't nearly enough brushes for a professional. I can agree that is is for beginners and for basic designed makeup such as every day looks or smokey eyes and color pops.


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