Review: Geo Angel Violet Circle Lens + #17 Dramatic Black Eyelash Lash Pac

Hello, everyone!

Here are the other lenses and lashes that Kiwiberry1's Collection sent me :]
Of the Geo Angel series, they also have Green, Grey, and Blue available.

As per usual, this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Also, don't ever forget to practice safe handling with your lenses!

Color + Design
Geo Angel Violet is a somewhat translucent color. The color doesn't come up very well unless in good lighting. I do believe the design concentrates on giving the iris a little bit of color versus giving the iris a unique design even though the lens itself looks a bit unnatural. I would say this lens is for people who want a slight difference in shade, but nothing too strong or out of the normal. It's subtle. You'll only notice the pattern if you're very close.

At 14mm, these lenses provide a natural size. Even though lenses with black outer rings give off a larger appearance, these do not.

Because they're smaller, they tend to be more comfortable. I haven't had any issues of dryness while wearing this lens.

Over All
Bigger lenses aren't everyone's preference, and neither are sharp colors. These would make a good daily lens for people who want a little pop of color and comfort.


The spine of these lashes are stiff, but also strong. It takes a bit of bending to get it to be more workable.

Length + Volume
For me, it's a natural length and easily goes along my lash line without exceeding the length of my own eyes. The volume is fairly high but due to the design it doesn't look as full.

As for the design itself, it's unnatural and spike-like. At the base it's very thick, but each section tapers at the top. It defines the eye very well and give a cartoonish and doll-like appearance.

Because the spine is stiff, it's more noticeable when you wear it versus other lashes that have a clear spine or more flexible spine. It's not uncomfortable, but since it's stiff I tend to be more conscious about it.

Over All
I like these lashes because there are 10 pairs to a box. It can last you a long time, or you can stack them with other lashes. They can also translate well for both costume and every day looks, depending on how comfortable you are with thicker and unnatural lashes.


Here's my Youtube review, but I pretty much read off what I put down here xD
Videos are still awkward to record and talk in, hahaha.


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