Review: Vassen Rainbow Eyes Brownish Hazel + Grayish Blue

Hello, everyone!

Shoppingholics went ahead and sent me two more of the Vassen Rainbow Eyes series!
Thank you so much!

This review is based on my own opinions and experience.
Remember to always take care of your eyes!

Review: i.Fairy Ash Blue Circle Lens

These lenses were sent from LensVillage!
They have an amaaazing selection of lenses and a lot of them have prescription too, which is amazing for people like me xD
As per usual, this review is all my own opinion through my own experiences.

Take a look at my Circle Lens Care post.
Always take care of your lenses!

Review: Beaucon Shimmer Blue

I bought these lenses awhile back and just never got to doing a review x]

I'm not associated with Honeycolor so these were NOT sponsored.
However, they're the very first site I ordered lenses from!
They're reliable and they also carry other products like lashes :D

Also, I made a Circle Len Care post.
Check it out!


Hello, everyone!

Someone requested some advice for first time circle lens wearers.
However, I'd like to dedicate this page to anyone who is interested in circle lenses, even if they've been wearing them for years. Sometimes it's a good reminder to take good care of your eyes and your lenses!
(I may add more later if I remember something or someone teaches me something new.)

It is at your own risk to wear circle lenses and contacts.
Before buying a pair, go to an optometrist!

Tell them you want to wear circle lenses or contacts and they'll give you the information you need. Such as prescription (if you need it), tell you if you do or don't have astigmatism, the base curve of your eye, etc.

If you cannot afford to go to an optometrist, but can afford a pair of circle lenses. I wouldn't recommend buying a pair. But if you do anyways, PLEASE read everything below AND do your own research to be fully aware of the risks of wearing circle lenses and how to take care of them and yourself.

Your eyes are one of the greatest parts of your body that are very delicate.
Take care of them!

Review: EOS Dark Ice 3 Tones Circle Lens Series

Hello, hello!
This is going to be picture heavy due to reviewing all six colors from LensVillage!

If you like what you see, they do have them 15% off right now!

Read more for the review and pictures!

Kitty Cat Knees Tattoo Stockings!

I got these tights from!
They have 7 other designs available.
Use my code LORINA to get 5% off + a free accessory!

Review: Eyemazing No.001 Lashes + Vassen Rainbow Lenses

Hey guys :D

Here's a package from Shoppingholics!
I've made plenty of posts reviewing their products. I've looked around other sites and they've got some of the best prices for beauty products if you can't buy certain things like asian brand lashes in stores :3 
Always an exciting thing for me getting lashes from them!


Hello, hello!

Here we are again with another box from GlossyBox :D
If you're a new follower or don't know about this particular company, they send out 5 travel sized beauty products (sometimes they are full sized items!) each month that you're subscribed. I've been thoroughly enjoying each month!

Inside the box they carry their new GLOSSYMag.
I had to share this section they included about color!


On to the products! Here is the list of items they sent.