Kitty Cat Knees Tattoo Stockings!

I got these tights from!
They have 7 other designs available.
Use my code LORINA to get 5% off + a free accessory!

Tattoo Stockings are increasing in popularity and I'm glad I was given the chance to try them out! They're super cute and a fun way to accessorize. They come in a beige hue but on me they make my legs a slight bit lighter, as I'm naturally tan.

Some people were fooled and thought I either got real tattoos or drew them on myself until they got a closer look x]

The design may look slightly different depending on the length and circumference of your legs. Between my legs and the model's tall, thin legs, the cat faces are shorter and wider, hahaha! They also place lower on me and aren't quite near my knees. For me it's more like Kitty Cat Shin stockings xD

I've worn them out twice now and they're pretty durable. I've got long nails and I haven't torn into them, not that I'm trying, haha. They don't heat up too much. Only if you're already in a humid area. In a colder place, it does give you a bit of a barrier, which is nice since I get cold easily x .x

As summer's closing and autumns coming in, these tattoo stockings would surely be great accessories :D I personally don't like wearing pants but keeping myself warm is a bigger concern when colder days come (even though that's still far away for some of us Floridians).

It didn't take too long for me to receive them either, about a week.
When I got them in the mail, I had to try them immediately, haha!

First time wearing all white since my wedding, I think xD
I'm scurred to wear all white e ___e But I think it doesn't look too bad on me.

As a completely unrelated note, I'm obsessed with my new blue lenses.
i.Fairy Ash Blue. HOMG. So pretty.


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