Review: Beaucon Shimmer Blue

I bought these lenses awhile back and just never got to doing a review x]

I'm not associated with Honeycolor so these were NOT sponsored.
However, they're the very first site I ordered lenses from!
They're reliable and they also carry other products like lashes :D

Also, I made a Circle Len Care post.
Check it out!

Color + Design
These look so natural between the color and design! They show up well on dark eyes like mine, even from far away. The color isn't bright, but it's light enough to appear like they're natural on dark eyes.

As you can see there's some green in there too. In certain lighting, the green is more powerful and may even look a little greyish sometimes.

These do not enlarge. Only a very little.

Super comfy! I can wear these all day and they're thin, so I don't feel them!

Over All
These are lovely lenses. Normally, I prefer much larger lenses with brighter colors, but these are great for daily wear and for changing your eye color with a natural pattern.


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