Review: EOS Dark Ice 3 Tones Circle Lens Series

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This is going to be picture heavy due to reviewing all six colors from LensVillage!

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Here are the vials. On the label it says Icy Melon but on LensVillage's site it's called Dark Ice 2 Tones.
Not sure why though. I think the name Icy Melon is really cute and fitting x]

Color + Design
The outer rim of these lenses look just a tad bit darker than the actual lens itself because the pixels are more concentrated on the edge, which is opaque. It starts to dissolve towards the center kind of like ice and how it looks broken and feathered.

On dark brown eyes, the brown and grey look fairly natural, even the violet in some lights! The rest are a bit too bright and neon-like. I personally think these would look LOVELY on light eyes. The pattern allows this lens to blend into any eye color smoothly.

The only colors I'd like to point out is the pink and green. They're VERY bright. I think the green looks really lovely though, but the pink may be extreme for some.

These are pretty big lenses but only a few of them give off the dolly look. For example, the grey and brown lenses almost blend into my eye. To me, it looks like a natural size. Though I must point out that my eyes are kind of big to begin with x] The biggest looking color, in my opinion, were the pink, green, and violet. The blue ones made my eyes appear only a bit bigger, but I think would be better suited for people with light eyes for enlargement.

These are so thin and comfortable! Could barely feel them when I wore them. Since there's a large space in the center due to the design, you won't see the lens in the corner of your eye either.

Over All
These would do well as daily lenses and as cosplay lenses. I really love how in some of the pictures you can see the white of my eye through the lens. I think it's a really pretty effect and makes the color pop even more!


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