Review: Eyemazing No.001 Lashes + Vassen Rainbow Lenses

Hey guys :D

Here's a package from Shoppingholics!
I've made plenty of posts reviewing their products. I've looked around other sites and they've got some of the best prices for beauty products if you can't buy certain things like asian brand lashes in stores :3 
Always an exciting thing for me getting lashes from them!

Anyways, let's start with the lashes!
These are the Eyemazing No.001.
Click the link if you'd like to purchase!

Eyemazing is the same brand that collaborated with Kyary!
That's what got me to look at them in the first place x]

This particular lash comes in a pack of three. I love that each one has it's own separate tray. It would be easy to carry around and store.

These are strong and will last several uses. The spine is a bit stiff and needs some bending to fit your eye.

Length + Volume
These are a bit longer than the length of my eye and the volume is pretty high depending on how you set it on your eye and how your eye folds. However, it's not as thick looking because ends of the lashes are tiny.

These are a dramatic, unnatural design. You can see that my lashes slightly show through the spaces in between the thicker part of the lash. They remind me of a lighter version of Diamond Lash's Glamorous Eye. Compared to the advertised pictures, in person and in use, they don't look as feathery.

The spin is stiff and thick, so they're more noticeable when you're wearing them. After awhile you get used to it but it's not bad. This tends to happen with any thick and/or unnatural lash. For those who aren't used to wearing false lashes, try natural pairs with an invisible spine first and then work up your comfort. It's normally unusual or uncomfortable for first time wearers to wear any kind of false lash though x]

Over All
These are really pretty and cute but personally, I don't think they flatter me that well because of my eye shape. I bet they'd look great on rounder eyes!


Color + Design
The color is distinctively green with a little bit of yellow in the center. The name confuses me a little because there's no blue whatsoever, hahah. Due to the opaqueness and the sharpness of the center, these are pretty unnatural. They don't blend into the eye at all. These would probably look best on dark eyes since the pupil hole is harsh and has black markings I'm pretty positive are intended to blend in with dark eyes.

Very big! Especially with the pupil hole being so open.

These are great. They haven't dried my eyes up, nor do I remember needing to use eye drops. You might feel them a bit in your eyes, but it's not uncomfortable.

Over All
I like the design. It's interesting. I've looked up online for other reviews and it seems there are two completely different lens designs under the same name. Shoppingholics carry the ones that look close to the actual picture of the lens. Some sites are sending lenses that look more natural but don't resemble the lens picture at all. So, I don't know what's that about. If you like what you see on Shoppingholics, everything they've sent me looks like the actual picture, haha.


Color + Design
The name Lightish Green throws me off completely because these look more violet blue than anything else, hahaha! As a matter of fact, if you look at the picture of the lenses there IS violet and blue xD Disregarding the unmatched name, these are very pretty! The prettiest violet lens I've tried! Thay may appear a bit greyish in dim lighting.

Over All
I have the same opinion of this as the above, since they're from the same series. The only thing is that this isn't Light Greenish at all xD


It may look a bit weird, but I prefer to wear one of each instead of just one color x]
There's something about it that I like, haha!

Do any of you wear different lenses together?


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