Review: i.Fairy Ash Blue Circle Lens

These lenses were sent from LensVillage!
They have an amaaazing selection of lenses and a lot of them have prescription too, which is amazing for people like me xD
As per usual, this review is all my own opinion through my own experiences.

Take a look at my Circle Lens Care post.
Always take care of your lenses!

Color + Pattern
The color and pattern are very bold, but it's really beautiful and doll like. The blue is very pure too, there's no hint of green or greying. It's not a medium toned blue but they're stunning in person. I bet the other colors are just as beautiful. The brown look very much like chocolate.

These are huuuge. Like, wow! The biggest lenses I've worn, or maybe they appear to be the biggest lenses I've worn due to the black outer rim. They're 15mm, so of course they're ginormous. You can see in the picture with one lens out how drastic the difference is.

Even though they're big, they're actually pretty comfortable. I feel them a bit, but the water content keeps them pretty moisturized.

Over All
The first time I put them on I was amazed by the color and pattern, and somewhat intimidated because of how big they looked. These are definitely bigger than what I'm comfortable with wearing but they look so beautiful that I couldn't help but love them.


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