Review: Vassen Rainbow Eyes Brownish Hazel + Grayish Blue

Hello, everyone!

Shoppingholics went ahead and sent me two more of the Vassen Rainbow Eyes series!
Thank you so much!

This review is based on my own opinions and experience.
Remember to always take care of your eyes!

Color + Design
The design is unnatural as well as the color choices of a dull, rusted orange and light purple. In some light it's somewhat "brownish hazel" but more often they look orange. These don't blend very well into the eye whatsoever. I think these are suited best for more dramatic looks or costume/cosplay.

They definitely enlarge! They're a bit buggy without makeup.

I can feel them just a wee bit when I wear them but it's not bothersome. I can wear these for a long time comfortably as well!

Over All
I like it, but I prefer to keep these for cosplay and costuming than daily wear. They're too unnatural for my taste, and even though I like unnatural lenses I feel as if these are midway, trying to look somewhat natural but the color makes it very unusual.

Color + Design
Because of the color choices, this one stands out to be a bit more natural than the brown ones. From far away, they look a little convincing but they pattern and the wide pupil hole makes it more noticeable that they're contacts. The color is fairly true to grey with no tones making it blue or purple but colors around it may influence the appearance.

Over All
I like these ones! But I tend to favor grey lenses a lot. I like how big they make my eyes look!


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