Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil 01 Honey Brown

Hello, hello!

Here's another review from

They have two other colors available, 02 Chocolate Brown, and 03 Dark Chocolate.

Normally, you would pair the pencil up with the eyebrow mascara so the colors match.
They are the 01 Milk Tea, 02 Mocha, and 03 Cocoa. I didn't get any though.
Maybe next time!

Candy Doll Concealer 01

Hello, everyone!

Shoppingholics sent me the Candy Doll Concealer 01 to review.
Thank you for everything, Shoppingholics ♡

Check out their website for makeup, circle lenses, and accessories!
Lots of awesome stuff :3

As usual, this review is all based by my own experience and opinion!

G&G Dm23 Grey Circle Lens Review

Hahaha, finally reviewed everything in this picture!
Thank you to Shoppingholics for sponsoring me!
I will forever be grateful ♡ :3

Check out the other reviews if you're interested!

If you're new to circle lenses, please visit this page!

As usual, this review is based by my own experience and opinion!

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GLOSSYBOX October 2012

Ahhh! This review is OVERDUE!
Well, here it is!

Thanks again to the Glossybox team for sponsoring me!
If you haven't tried them out yet, you can buy just one box without have to subscribe for three months or a year. It would be a good present too! Maybe you can treat yourself to a subscription or ask for a subscription as a gift!

New Clothes and Accessories!

Hello, everyone!

One of my favorite places to shop are Goodwills :0
It's like a treasure hunt for me x] Lots of uncommon items and clothes you can alter.

All these garments I got from Goodwill. Most recently the two pastel tops.

I added the heart on the pink top with fabric paint and tape!
After this wee little project, I want to do more with fabric paint x]

The lines are a little crooked but I don't mind.
Still looks cute!

In this picture, I'm wearing my new CreepyYeha headband!
A really great friend bought it for me for my birthday and a bunch of other great items!

Crazy awesome!

I really love this outfit, even though it's simple. If I were a cartoon character, this would be the outfit I would never change out of, hahaha! Along with my CreepyYeha headband too! These pictures were taken before I got the birthday package.

My demon horns were bought at a medieval fair years ago but they were originally orange before I painted them black. For those that are interested, PaperCute will soon be releasing different kind of horns though like demon, ram, unicorn, and dragon! Woo! Can't wait to see :D

I sketched some monster characters cause they're my current interest and inspiration.
I'm sure it shows in my style x]

Here's the other shirt. The only alteration I did was roll up the sleeves and iron them to sew it in place. The shirt's design was already supposed to tie at the waist! :D I was thrilled when I found it. It's so cute :3

Excuse the dirty mirror, urg, haha.

I really like these miss matched fabric patterns, heh.
Also attached a bow from BowKuma cause it's cute :3

Thrift stores and Goodwills are always hit and miss though. Sometimes it depends on the area it's located because of the people that live closest donates there. So if you're looking for something vintage, look for a store that's close to an older community. For more up to date items, look for one close to a mall or school. I've seen Goodwills get items directly from Target when their last items don't get sold such as clothing, bags, and shoes! They're in store condition too. Not worn or anything. It's pretty awesome.

Anyone else like to shop at places like this? :]


Review: Sugarpill Cosmetics - Bulletproof (black) Eyeshadow

Another birthday present from my husband!

I've been eyeing Sugarpill cosmetics ever since they came out but I never got something from them until now. Just as I expected, it's amazing!

The packaging is perfectly cute and appealing. Bright and playful.

Review: Portland Black Lipstick Company, Black Lipstick

My husband got me my first black lipstick for my birthday!

I was looking around for awhile trying to decide what brand to go with and found this one.
Portland Black Lipstick Company carries other colors and other makeup products as well!

Review: Lost Mannequin Winged Black Sid Packpack

This was another wonderful birthday present! My in-laws surprised me with this one.
I can't even thank them enough ♡

It's handmade and is currently made-to-order, so it will take time to be made and arrive. Lots of people are finding out where to get these lovely backpacks and I'm sure they've got a waiting list!

It's SO worth it though!

Review: Bodyline Maid Costume448


For my birthday, I got this amazing maid dress from Bodyline!

So, if I ever go to a convention, this is going to be my go-to costume if I have nothing planned x]
We actually found a couple bb guns in a Goodwill and decided to take them for future cosplays or events, haha!

Lookin' meaaan.