Candy Doll Concealer 01

Hello, everyone!

Shoppingholics sent me the Candy Doll Concealer 01 to review.
Thank you for everything, Shoppingholics ♡

Check out their website for makeup, circle lenses, and accessories!
Lots of awesome stuff :3

As usual, this review is all based by my own experience and opinion!

I decided to get 01 instead of 02 because 01 has a yellow base while 02 has a pink/red base. My face tends to get red but my skin all over leans towards yellow. To get an even skin tone between my face and body, I need a yellow base.

This concealer is kind of too light for my skin tone though.
Candy Doll products seem to gear towards lighter skin, but if I use this lightly, it does fine.

I don't use the applicator because it puts on too much.
This product works fine in small amounts.

It lasts all day but I'm not completely satisfied with it for personal reasons.
I have dry skin where I apply this product. If I apply this and then put powder on top of it, my dry skin shows through and it looks really bad and flaky.

I had been exfoliating before I did this review so it doesn't look like it though.
It looks much better if I do my BBcream and powder first and then apply concealer last.

Here are some pictures of how I look without (left) and with (right) the concealer on.

Here's a close up to see the difference better.

I have naturally puffy eyes even when I'm not tired. When I smile, they're more prominent.
I'm not a huge fan of them, hahaha.

If you don't have puffy eyes like me then the coverage for dark eyes would be just fine.
There's still a shadow under my eyes because that's the shadow being casted by my puffiness. Boo.
Concealer does help make it appear less puffy though.

This product definitely gets into fine wrinkles too. When I wiped the swatch off my hand, I just let it dry and I can see traces of it in the very, very fine wrinkles of my skin.

So if you've got normal, light skin and want something to help hide fine wrinkles, this probably would help. But if you've got dry skin in areas where you use concealer, I might steer away from this.

This product would be good for normal, light skin basically. Not a very wide range.
It's usable for me, but it's not everything I want in a concealer.


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