G&G Dm23 Grey Circle Lens Review

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Color + Pattern
These have no pigment. They're straight up grey, but a dark grey with a very thin black limbal ring that gradients from a medium grey to a dark grey. I love that you can still see your eye color in the center and it blends fairly well. It's like when eyes have two different distinct colors. I like the pattern too. There's something about it that's very pretty.

These make your eyes a bit bigger, but if you have small eyes to begin with, these will probably be more noticeable. I think I'd prefer the bigger version of this lens though.

They're thin and I don't feel them when I wear them. I also can wear them for a long time without feeling any dryness or irritation.

Over All
If it weren't for the size they probably would be one of my favorite lenses. I just have a preference of lenses at 14.5mm.


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